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The United States Navy has always been a major player in the world of naval forces. They are currently the largest navy in the world, with over 300 ships and 11 aircraft carriers. The US Navy have gone through many changes and upgrades over the years but they have always managed to stay up to date with modern technology and weapons. The US Navy is also one of the most well-funded navies, receiving funding from both their government as well as international partners. The US navy is a nation's main maintainer of peace and order on a global scale. Without staff or money coming in from other sources, this military branch would be forced to close up shop. The U.S navy pays for itself by charging countries for ship use, leasing bases, refueling ships at sea, selling excess supplies at auction or recycling them into new materials; operating trade routes; stopping piracy; expanding strategic interests abroad; protecting commercial shipping lanes; providing disaster relief after earthquakes or tsunamis; enforcing sanctions against countries like Iran that are nuclear proliferators; patrolling coastlines around the world against illegal immigration and drug smuggling. We are proud to make Custom Navy Challenge Coins & merchandise.

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Challenge Coins

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Navy Challenge Coins

are a tradition among sailors. They are, in essence, coins that are given to sailors as an indication of their worth within the community. The coins typically have an insignia on one side and the sailor's name on the other. Oftentimes, these coins will be embedded with precious metals and jewels, giving them a sense of permanence and rarity when compared to other items that may be seen as more disposable or replaceable. Members of the Navy will often try to collect as many Navy Challenge Coins from fellow members as possible because it is seen as a form of prestige within the Navy community—a status symbol that tells others how much this sailor has contributed to their branch of service and signifies something special about themselves. Navy Challenge Coins are tokens for recognition at any level in order for those who receive them to know how valuable they are to someone else and remind recipients how important they are to themselves. A navy challenge coin is given by someone in military service after completing missions or achieving a significant goal with one another; it is also given in order to recognize them.

Navy Chief Designs

The Department of the Navy is a subsection of the United States Armed Forces. It has been in existence since 1794, when it was established by Congress with one purpose: to create and maintain America’s navy. The Department of the Navy promotes peace and stability through power projection, joint operations, and warfighting readiness. The current Secretary is Richard Spencer and Chief Naval Officer is Admiral John Richardson Maintainer Nation The United States Department of the Navy was established on October 13th 1794 with one purpose- to create and maintain America’s navy. This department promotes peace through power projection, joint operations, warfighting readiness. The current Secretary is Richard Spencer while their Chief Naval Officer is Admiral John Richardson.

United States Navy
Navy Chief Skull

Navy Chief Skull is a name given by American sailors to the skull of an unknown sailor who had been hanged and placed on the rigging of a ship as a deterrent to other sailors. Nationally, navy chiefs were usually at least captains in rank, but because the navy chief skull was not wearing any rank insignia, it is not clear what his rank was. His death date is also unknown. His presence aboard ships may have been due to the belief that the presence of rotting human skulls would ward off spirits from entering the ship. Navy chief skulls are a part of naval traditions, and most vessels have one or more onboard for this purpose. For example, one such skull has been found aboard HMS "Victory".

United States Navy
Navy Chief Flag

A navy chief flag is an ensign that is flown on a ship when the ship's captain is in command. It typically consists of a red field with a broad, vertical white stripe near the hoist. The stripes are narrow and are topped by blue stars that represent each state of the United States as well as one for each U.S. possession; there may also be other stars for either seals or coats-of-arms representing some nation or organization to which the vessel belongs.

Navy Patches

The tradition of wearing the arm patch, or crest, of one's Navy is a long-standing naval tradition that dates back to the early 1800s. The patches were initially designed and worn as a form of identification, but can now be considered an unofficial part of the uniform and are often worn by sailors in civilian clothes. The Navy has several different types of patches: Rate insignia flags, Unit insignia flags, Command insignia flags, and Naval aviation badges. The rate insignia flag represents what rank a person holds within their respective branch. This can include up to four stars for admirals or captains on active duty with more than two years' experience at their rank. Unit Insignia Flags represent which unit they belong to within a certain region (i.e., SEAL team). Command Insignias represent where they are stationed in relation to their Commanding Officer (i.e., Commander). Finally, Naval Aviation Badges mark those who have completed flight training and have been designated as Naval Aviators from those who have not yet completed flight training but want to become aviators someday." A longstanding naval tradition dating back to the early 1800s is wearing arm patches also known as crests on uniforms as an identification system.

Navy Pins

The Navy has a lot of pins and insignias that they provide to the members of the Navy, such as the military seal pin. These pins are considered an important part of gaining rank in the Navy. The military seal pin, for example, is given to those who have completed four years of service in the Navy and are promoted from Junior Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade. This pin signifies completion and dedication to their training for their four years so far, which speaks volumes about how dedicated a person is when they have served this long.

United States Navy
Navy Knives

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Navy Custom Merchandise

Our Navy Custom Merchandise includes Navy Challenge Coins, Navy Patches, flags, and more. We have the perfect one for you to show your support for the Navy. Choose from our wide selection of items that are available in many different colors and sizes. Whether it is a gift or something that you want to buy yourself, we are sure to have something you will love!

Navy Christmas Ornament

In the United States Navy, each year a Christmas ornament is given to all those who have served in the Navy or Marine Corps probably. The ornament has been designed and manufactured by artisans at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth, Texas. The ornament is typically given to family members of retired service members or as a memento to current service members prior to departing their final tour of duty. The traditional navy christmas ornament was first introduced by Admiral Arleigh Burke during his tenure as Chief of Naval Operations from 1938-1942 and then again after World War II when he returned for his second term from 1946-1950. Admiral Burke is credited with creating one of the most popular traditions among sailors and marines. There are many variations on this tradition found throughout our military branches, but it's believed that Admiral Burke was responsible for originating this tradition that carries on today in honor of those who have served our country through various fields and branches of service.

US Navy Tie Tack

A navy tie tack is a pin, usually with the United States Navy emblem, worn on neckties by officers and enlisted personnel of the Navy. The device has been used since at least 1913 when it was introduced to U.S. Naval Academy students as part of the uniform dress regulations for that year. The device is not a combat decoration and is not worn on uniforms by sailors in combat zones or other hazardous duty assignments where wearing such devices would present a safety hazard or otherwise interfere with their duties. It also does not replace any medal that may be awarded to those same sailors in recognition of their combat service or duty assignment; rather, it is an insignia conferred upon graduates of United States naval academies and other military colleges who are authorized to wear it while they serve as members of a ship's company (enlisted personnel) or staff (officers). In recent years, female graduates have also been authorized to wear the insignia thereby permitting women who enter service as enlisted personnel or commissioned officers following graduation from such schools to wear them if so entitled.

US Navy Dog Collar

The Navy has long been a proponent of military dogs, and the Navy's K-9 Corps is one of the world’s largest. The navy dog collar is a vital aspect of training and discipline that these animals need to receive. These collars are designed with a loop on each side, which attaches around the dog's neck. When in use, these loops keep pressure on the neck, which can help discourage pulling on their leash or eating things they shouldn't.

US Navy Dog Accessories

As a military dog handler you will be required to take care of your military working dog (MWD). In order to do this you will need appropriate supplies such as food, bedding and toys for your MWD as well as equipment like leashes and collars. 

Navy Slogans for Merchandise

Custom Navy merchandise has to have good Navy slogans, so we rounded up a few to start the conversation!

Fear the Goat

is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership, educating the community on animal behavior and improving public safety. Their mission is to promote responsible pet ownership, educate the community on animal behavior and improve public safety. They offer free training courses for all owners of dogs, cats or farm animals, as well as personal consultations with trainers and veterinarians. Fear the Goat collaborates with other organizations that share their goal of improving public safety. Fear The Goat was founded in 2014 by Josephine Maintainer in response to her daughter's death who was killed by an out of control goat she had just purchased from a feed store for her 4-H club project. Her daughter's death has reaffirmed Maintainer's commitment to promoting responsible pet owner ship through education and collaboration.

The sea is ours Navy

The United States Navy is the branch of the United States Armed Forces that operates on and under the sea. It is tasked with defending US interests around the world, as well as working to project American power. The Navy has 316,700 active-duty personnel, who are stationed across 190 naval installations. Its battle fleet consists of 288 ships and more than 3,000 aircrafts. The Navy's motto is "Semper Primus" which translates to Always First in Latin. The U.S. Navy ranks as one of most powerful fleets in existence with an unmatched size and capability, taking part in every major war since 1775.

Personalized Navy Anchor

The Navy has a long history, and their anchors are one of the symbols of it. Through the years the use of anchors has changed, they have been used as a weapon on ships, to offer stability in storms, and to maneuver in shallow waters. Anchors were originally considered as weapons on ships due to their weight and height. Anchors were often used when enemy boats approached. The anchor was raised into position by lifting lines until it caught on an obstacle such as rocks or sunken logs. The more chain ropes that were attached to the anchor meant that there was less risk for the ship if it could not be moved from its position In stormy weather anchors were often lowered into shallow water so that waves could break over them instead of crashing onto decking where crew members might be injured by flying debris or knocked off their feet Increasingly through time anchors are being used for maneuvering purposes in shallow water so that vessels can maintain a stationary position.

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Reflective Belt

A reflective belt is a safety device used in heavy machinery that has the capability to reflect light and increase visibility. A reflective belt can be one of the most effective ways to be seen at night. 

Proud Navy Sister

I am proud of the Navy because they protect our country from any threats. They also help with natural disasters in the United States. I would like to explore becoming a sailor when I grow up and raise my family in this great nation.