Nonner duty identifier patch
Introduction to USAF Nonners So, the official USAF position regarding nonners appears at the end of the blog. Okay, it’s not “official” official, but ask anyone in PA, leadership, or Chief Bass, and it’s pretty much what they would say. But we maintainers know better because decades ago we invented the term.
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C-130 aircraft flag over Mt Fuji Japan
Understanding the Significance of Military Aircraft Wall Flags In the world of military aviation, wall flags hold a significant place of honor and pride. These symbols, often adorned with emblems, squadron insignias, or patriotic motifs, serve as a constant reminder...
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Custom reflective belt
Reasons to Buy a Custom Reflective Belt One significant advantage of choosing a custom reflective belt is the ability to personalize it with military unit logos. This customization option allows individuals serving in the military or veterans to proudly display...
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USAF B-21 bomber aircraft challenge coin
Challenge coins have been a longstanding tradition in the military, used as a symbol of camaraderie and recognition among members of a particular unit. These coins are not just used in the military, but also in law enforcement, firefighting, government agencies, and various organizations
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FAA A&P patch in coyote brown approved for wear on USAF uniform
Morale Patches in the Military OCP colored FAA A&P and FCC GROL patches approved by USAF AFPC for wear on the USAF OCP uniform if the certification is published on the member's SURF IAW AFI 36-2903. 
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