Poster for the movie 12 O'clock High
I Hear Ghosts One of my favorite movies is “12 O’clock High” starring Gregory Peck, who, along with Jimmy Stewart, happens to be one of my favorite actors of all time. I recommend the movie if you haven’t seen it...
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Sabotaged parachutes for HumVee airdrop
Unraveling the Parachute Sabotage: The April 2016 Incident and Its Aftermath Introduction: In the annals of military history, tales of valor and sacrifice often take center stage. However, every so often, darker chapters emerge, revealing the depths of human error...
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A Donkey which is slang for many pieces of military equipment.
Definitions of Military Equipment Slang Terms When it comes to military equipment, there is a whole other language that exists in the form of slang terms and nicknames. This lexicon, unique to those in the military, serves as a way...
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Skeleton soldier in military uniform and helmet reading a book titled "Military Paranormal Stories"
Reader Submitted Military Stories of the Paranormal The Kadena Chicken Myth blog post generated some good paranormal stories. The Maintainer Nation Editor asked followers to post their own personal experiences on Maintainer Humor. This article is a compilation of their...
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