Custom red military PT reflective belt
Boosting Morale and Safety: The Remarkable Impact of Custom-Imprinted Reflective Belts and PT Belts Introduction In the military, fitness and safety are paramount. One often-overlooked aspect of this equation is the reflective belt, a simple yet effective tool that serves...
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Troops tired of hearing thank you for your service
Thank You for Your Service A recent Military Times article reported that a recent survey conducted by USAA indicated that the troops were tired of hearing, “Thank you for your service” from the civilian population. However, the Military Times article seems...
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Very old aircraft mechanic working on an f-35
New Age Eligibility Criteria for Joining the US Air Force One significant change in the eligibility criteria for joining the US Air Force is the recent increase in the maximum enlistment age to 42. This modification has received both positive...
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CCAF Morale Patch
USAF CCAF Graduate Patch It has come to our attention that the FAA A&P patch has been recently approved for USAF uniform wear as long as the A&P certification is recorded in the members SURF. In light of that recognition...
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