Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are sworn to protect the lives and property of the people. The type of law enforcement they are involved in is determined by State. Some common types of law enforcement are Sheriff, Police, and Park Ranger. Law Enforcement Challenge Coins represent how much courage it takes to be a police officer. It also symbolizes strength, bravery, and honor for those who wear it with pride. Many law enforcement officers carry challenge coins as a way to show their peers that they have earned a position within their department or organization because there is usually some sort of competition or test that is necessary to obtain one. These coins often mark specific achievements such as graduating from the academy (the most common) or surviving an incident on duty (much rarer).

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A police force is a law enforcement agency or service, often responsible for policing one geographical area. The term "police" most commonly refers to the human officers that patrol neighborhoods and enforce criminal law. Police are often called "cops" in American English, but the word is also used to describe other police-like organizations by metaphor (e.g., policemen on horseback). There are many different types of police forces around the world, but they all have similar origins and functions. Their first use dates back to Ancient China when there was a need for someone that could keep public order and enforce the laws. These people would come to be known as "police". This word comes from Old French policier which derived from Latin politiari meaning "to serve society." The term may have come from the Greek word polis meaning "city". Police forces can be seen as an extension of an individual state's military power over citizens and residents within its borders; thus these two establishments serve overlapping purposes.

Police Coins

The coins are typically made of metal, such as brass or nickel, and have a size that is around 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. They can be customized with the name of the department and/or the officer's badge number on one side of the coin and an insignia on the other side with some space left in between for engraving. A police challenge coin is a small round metal token bearing an emblematic design or motif (usually a law enforcement symbol) that can be affixed to a key ring or created into jewelry. They are mostly given as recognition awards by various police departments, who present them to members of their staff who achieve different milestones within their careers with that agency.

Law Enforcement
SWAT Challenge Coins

SWAT challenge coin is a new type of cryptocurrency designed for law enforcement, just kidding! But SWAT Challenge Coins are pretty awesome. SWAT Challenge Coins are designed to be given to officers as congratulations, rewards, and recognition of positive performance, and to represent SWAT Units. 

Police Patch

A police patch is a symbolic emblem that is worn by law enforcement officers to signify their bureau and rank. The patches are traditionally worn on the left side of the uniform, closest to the heart, although this convention is not universal. While other symbols may be more common, such as badges or shields, these patches are often used in games and in competitions. Police patches can indicate a person's rank or their bureau. While other symbols may be more common, such as badges or shields, these patches are often used in games and competitions.

Police Flags

are a way to represent police officers in the United States, Canada, and Australia for their duty. They typically feature an insignia or symbol that identifies the officer's police department. These police flags serve as a small token of appreciation for the work that officers do and can be used to prove one's identity while on duty; they are also often awarded to other law enforcement officials who have been injured or killed in the line of duty. Police Flags date back centuries ago when they were typically worn on military uniforms as decorations. Today, they are used by military forces all over the world as well as by many different civilian organizations; for example, some firefighters display Police Flags that contain their own organization's insignia instead of representing law enforcement agencies.

Police Pins

are a way for law enforcement officers to identify each other. They are also sometimes used for civilians if they have been in contact with the police. The pins come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the person and the department. They are usually made from metal such as brass or aluminum but can be made from other materials like enamel or plastic. The pins come with either a pin back or an alligator clip attached to them so they can be worn on clothing, hats, jackets, eyeglasses frames, etc., The badges that law enforcement officers wear every day serve two purposes: identification and decoration of their uniform as well as protection against potential threats to themselves or their colleagues

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Swat pins are distributed and worn by law enforcement officers who would otherwise not be able to acquire them through department channels or at a reasonable price. The tradition of wearing swat challenge coins originated in 1977 when a Dallas police officer was killed during an armed robbery. The officer's widow asked her husband's fellow officers to wear his badge number as a sign of respect.

Custom K9 Creations

Custom K9 Creation means designing and manufacturing law enforcement challenge coins, as well as other custom items for law enforcement. We have been creating and manufacturing law enforcement challenge coins for more than 25 years and specialize in all levels of government, including military agencies. The process starts with a design consultation. The customer will typically provide the design or logo they want to put on their coins, but the designer at Custom K9 Creation can also work with the customer to create something from scratch if needed. Once the design is completed, it is then sent to a professional engraver who will engrave the design onto their coins using computer-aided designs (CAD) software that controls lasers that etch into metal layers of nickel-silver alloy or brass. The final product is then inspected before being shipped out to customers. There are many different types and sizes of coin options available for custom K9 creations depending on what needs are being met by the customer. These include smaller no enamel challenge coins which are less expensive but smaller than regular-sized coins; commemorative medallions which can be handed out during an event like award ceremonies; dog tags which come in various styles including split rings or necklaces; keychains; belt buckles, and more. We can also do K9 pin & K9 flag bulk orders.

K9 Pin

A k9 pin is like a challenge coin featuring a picture of a dog or other animal that has been trained as a police officer. These pins are often distributed to law enforcement officers who have completed the training and certification process for their canine, and can also be traded as tokens of appreciation from the K9 handler to his partner.

K9 Flag

The K9 Flag represents the partnership between law enforcement and their canines in the line of duty. This flag is a symbol for fallen officers and their four-legged counterparts. The flag is made up of two triangles, one blue, representing law enforcement, and one red, representing canines. The blue triangle has three stars on it to represent that all three branches of law enforcement participate in this challenge coin design. A K9 Flag shows support for our Police Officers and their partners who bravely protect us every day.

Police Badges & Unique Police Gifts

A police badge is a shield-shaped metal and enamel device worn on the outer garment of a police officer, identifying the wearer as an officer of the law. The most common emblems are a departmental insignia, or the name and/or stylized initials of the agency or individual police officer. Police badges can be used to control unruly individuals or crowds by displaying the police badge, which is called "brandishing" the badge. The use of this tactic can identify suspects who refuse to cooperate with officers and hinder their investigation.

Police Week Challenge Coin

The Police Week Challenge Coin is a rare collectible. The coin was created by the Fraternal Order of Police in 1981. The United States Mint made coins to commemorate the organization's 100th anniversary in 2005. The Police Week Challenge Coin is a special challenge coin that recognizes the work and sacrifice of law enforcement officers across America and their families, as well as commemorates their past sacrifices that have helped make our country the "land of the free." This challenge coin honors not just those who wear a badge, but those who have worn one before us, and those who will wear one after us.

Personalized Toy Sheriff Badge

Are you a police officer that is looking for a new challenge coin to wear on your uniform? Well about Toy Sheriff Badges for children of the community?! These toy sheriff badges can be made up of durable metal and feature an enameled design with the words "Sheriff" on one side and "Challenge Coin" on the other. The two-sided design allows you to flip your coin over when one side becomes worn. Not only can this give a sheriff in training an opportunity to learn how to use their new authority, but it can also be used as a morale booster at any police station or law enforcement office! It provides them with an opportunity to learn how to use their new authority while acting as a morale booster in any police station or law enforcement office. 

Police Mom Badge

A police mom badge is a tangible symbol of pride for a law enforcement officer's family. A police Mom badge is designed to be worn on the uniform, pinned on the breast pocket, or displayed in the home as a sign of respect to those who serve and protect us. The five stars represent peace, justice, service, excellence, and courage. The name "Police Mom" refers to an officer's selfless dedication to their law enforcement career while still fulfilling their duties as a mother at home. This symbol stands for strength and support for both mothers in law enforcement careers and mothers at home with children. Police Moms are often the best responders involving wives or children because they can relate.

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Thin Blue Line

Most police officers understand the Thin Blue Line representing their profession is a metaphor for the relationship between law enforcement and the public. There is an obligation to maintain that line so that differing opinions on policing are not blurred with violence.

Thin Line Dispatchers

Thin Line Dispatchers are the backbone of law enforcement. They make sure law enforcement officers have the tools they need to keep our communities safe. Thin line dispatchers are the first call for any emergency call that is made to a police station. Dispatchers give advice on what actions should be taken next. Thin line dispatchers cover all sorts of calls including robberies, domestic disputes and even missing person cases. It is important for thin line dispatchers to stay calm no matter how panicked their caller might sound because their voice will be the only thing connecting this person with help in those crucial moments when they need it most. The role of the Thin Line Dispatcher can vary from one jurisdiction to another but often entails receiving emergency and non-emergency requests for service from members of the public.

Police Patches
Thin Blue Line Patch

A thin blue line patch is a raised embroidered patch made up of a single row of stitching with two parallel lines, one on each side. Traditionally, this symbol represents the solidarity and support for law enforcement officers. The design can be traced back to the 1800s when it was first used by law enforcement in Chicago, Illinois. Thin blue line patches were designed to be sewn onto clothing and worn as a sign of unity among those who protect and serve.

A Blue Thin Line patch as made by Challenge Coin Nation
Thin Blue Line Belt Buckle
Police Buckles
Thin Blue Line Belt Buckle

This symbol represents the thin blue line of law enforcement officers who are sworn to serve and protect their communities from crime and danger, with honor and integrity. The recent shootings of members of law enforcement have sparked a national discussion on the importance of recognizing officers in our towns, cities, and communities. The thin blue line belt buckle has become a popular way to show support for law enforcement.

Military Police Business Cards

Business cards are a marketing tool that is used by many in the military, including military police. Military Police (MP) work to maintain law and order on Army posts and bases, as well as provide security for important personnel. They also serve as bailiffs in court-martial proceedings and assist with investigations of crimes involving servicemembers. Some military police do not actively patrol but instead staff desk (POGS) to answer questions from soldiers or apprehend suspects fleeing from other law enforcement agencies.