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Challenge Coin Nation offers both stock and custom lapel pins. Choose from our in stock and ready to ship collection or create your own custom pin to hand out to your squad or unit.

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Military Pins

Military pins are typically worn by military personnel in the US Armed Forces or retired from. The pins come in many different shapes and sizes and may be used as symbols of rank, unit, or achievement. Military pins can also be purchased to represent an individual's affiliation with a particular branch of the military, unit, group, or individual. The two most common types of military pin designs are enameled and cloisonné. Enameled pins are made from a combination of metal alloys and glass enamel over which a clear coating is applied to form a hard shiny surface; Cloisonné pins use copper or colored copper for the base metal with fine filigree wire soldered on top in patterns to form pictures or words. Pinback buttons have also been popular among military personnel since WWII for displaying their affiliation with various branches of service, units, groups, or individuals. They can be either flat-backed buttons made from fabric coated paper (usually related to an organization) like this one: "Ladies Auxiliary 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans" OR round back buttons made from plastic (usually related to a branch of the US armed services).

Custom Military Pins by Challenge Coin Nation

Custom military pins are a great gift to give to the military unit or commemorative deployment gift. Let us help design your next custom military pins!