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Challenge Coin Nation offers both stock and custom shirts and clothing. Choose from our in stock and ready to ship collection or create your own custom clothing to hand out to your squad or unit.

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Mechanic Shirts

Mechanic shirts are typically made of cotton and have a work-related design such as an auto engine or car parts. The shirts usually have a pocket on the front left side for holding tools. They are often worn by mechanics, engineers, construction workers, and other people who work with cars or in the automotive industries.

What should mechanics wear?

The work of a mechanic requires many different tools and equipment. A mechanic should wear clothing that is comfortable, durable, and easy to move in. Mechanics can wear jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts or pullovers. Wearing coveralls is not recommended because they are too bulky for mechanics to perform their jobs easily. They also have a tendency to catch on the tools when the person is bending over them which could lead to disastrous results for both the tool and the person wearing them.