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Challenge Coin Nation offers both stock and custom challenge coins. Choose from our in stock and ready to ship collection or create your own custom challenge to hand out to your squad or unit.

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Create your own custom Challenge Coin to hand out to your friends, group, or unit!

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ALL ABOUT Challenge Coins

Challenge coins tradition of awarding excellence. Challenge coins are a coin or medallion, representing a military members thru design and carried by the military unit's members. Tradition with challenge coins or a medallion has them presented & collected by members. Coins can be for the unit of military service members! Can you tell we love a coins design & great Challenge Coins?!!

Your coins design & custom coins are our tradition! Whether it’s great coins or medallions you’re presented with (several different great coin options) your coins start with a design. United States service (we do help Canadian forces) military coins are special to the unit and members! We make them when citation needed requires coins or someone is presented for great service! Your browser can access our previous coins on the site! Each United States department or business has a coin design with a story. Great design, customer service, and quality coins are priorities.


Military Challenge Coins have a tradition in the military and popular culture. Coins presented in the past represented the military unit and allowed leaders to award military members from the unit. As a challenge coins company we take great pride in the tradition of unit design & coins.