A sampling of all of challenge coin nation products including  custom and stock challenge coins, military coins, pins, morale patches, flags, belt buckles, and custom reflective belts.Challenge Coin Nation custom military and commemorative coins

Custom and stock challenge coins, morale patches, aircraft flags, reflective belts, stickers, belt buckles, lanyards, pins, and more. The best place for all your custom product creation needs.

We help with design to turn your idea into reality

We make custom military gifts including: reflective belts, morale patches, flags, belt buckles, clothing, lanyards, stickers, and pins. We also carry stock items.

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Aircraft Mechanic Themed Products

The military aircraft maintenance career field is special to us and our company was founded by a military member. This is why we have so many Maintainer Nation patches, challenge coins, reflective belts, stickers, flags and clothing!


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Custom Military Gifts in 3 Easy Steps

Rough sketch of a F15 aircraft

1. Tell us Your Idea

Request a quote and artwork design from our site to get started. Please provide images, preferred options, and detailed notes about your idea. Our goal making a product that you will love!

Preliminary layout of the f-15 design in preparation for making a custom item

2. Receive Artwork

Members of our graphic design department are prompt and send the digital design. We realize the unit & members need the design done right. Design REVISIONS are FREE & UNLIMITED!

3. Production Begins

Once you approve the designs and payment is received, your custom order is sent to the production department for order fulfillment.

Get Started!

Ready to make your idea a reality? Contact us at SALES@ChallengeCoinNation.com about your concept or see our site below for stock items.



Great quality & Customer Service! Customers matter to them. Easy to work with & we thought the design work for our challenge coins was great!

J. Lundy

Mildenhall, UK


The reflective belts were quality products for our unit! Use your browser to see some of their great designs. Your products outrank other suppliers! Love their quality, prices, and service!

R. Blevins

Arnold AFB, TN


We had access to several different designs to work with. They send you the design and do quality work. Customer Service is easy to work with too!

P. Rogers

Ellsworth AFB, SD


We presented our hard chargers in our military unit our custom made patch. Everyone loved them! Now we need a medallion!

J. Hammel

San Antonio, TX


Great military gifts from a quality company! We had several different designs from this business and love the ones we made!

Eddy Young

Los Angeles, CA


Exploring Our
Diverse Range of Products

We are a renowned provider of various high-quality products that promote camaraderie, recognize achievements, and enhance morale. The company offers a diverse range of items that cater to different interests and purposes. In this article, we will delve into the details of each product category, highlighting their significance and potential applications.
Let's explore the exciting world of our military gift and award offerings.

Morale Patches:

Morale patches are another popular item offered by us.
These embroidered patches are designed to be attached to uniforms,
backpacks, jackets, or gear, showcasing one's affiliation,
accomplishments, or personal style. Morale patches often feature humorous,
motivational, or symbolic designs, allowing individuals to express their
personality and create a sense of belonging within a group. We offer a wide range of pre-designed patches, as well as the option
for custom designs, ensuring that customers can find or create the perfect
patch for their needs.

Custom Belt

Custom belt buckles provide a unique
and personal touch to any outfit. Whether for military units, sports
teams, or corporate events, these customized belt buckles make a statement
and serve as a lasting memento. The company offers various options for
customization, including the choice of materials, finishes, shapes, and
engravings. These belt buckles can be used as awards, gifts, or fashion
accessories, creating a lasting impression wherever they are worn.

ID Badge

ID badge lanyards are practical and versatile accessories used
by professionals in various industries. Our company offers a wide range of lanyards that combine functionality with customization options.
Customers can choose from different colors, materials, and attachment
styles to suit their needs. Additionally, the company provides the option
to personalize lanyards with custom logos, slogans, or text, making them
ideal for corporate events, conferences, or as identification tools within

Lapel Pins:

Lapel pins are small, elegant accessories that can be worn on clothing,
bags, or accessories. They serve multiple purposes, including brand
promotion, team identification, or recognition of achievements. We offer an extensive collection of lapel pins, featuring
various designs, finishes, and attachment options. Customers can select
from stock designs or create custom pins, incorporating unique artwork,
logos, or messages. Lapel pins are ideal for corporate branding, employee
recognition programs, or commemorative events.

Aircraft Flags:

We also provide aircraft flags, designed specifically
for aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and air force personnel. These flags are
made from durable materials, ensuring they withstand outdoor conditions.
With vibrant designs and clear print quality, these flags add a touch of
patriotism and personalization to aircraft interiors, offices, or personal
spaces. Aircraft flags can also be customized with specific logos, names,
or squadron emblems, allowing for a truly unique and personalized touch.


Stickers are a versatile and affordable means of personal expression,
branding, or promotion. We offer a wide range of
high-quality stickers that can be customized with logos and designs. These
stickers are made from durable materials, ensuring they can be applied to
various surfaces, such as laptops, water bottles, vehicles, or equipment.
Customers can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes,
including vinyl, die-cut, or reflective options. Stickers are perfect for personalizing belongings, promoting a brand or cause, or adding a touch of creativity to any space.

Reflective Belts:

Reflective belts are essential safety accessories
commonly used in outdoor activities, construction sites, or by emergency
personnel. Challenge Coin Nation offers custom reflective belts that
combine functionality with personalization. These belts are made with
high-quality reflective materials, ensuring visibility in low-light
conditions. Customers can customize the belts with their preferred colors,
logos, or text, making them ideal for corporate branding, event giveaways,
or safety initiatives. Custom reflective belts provide both practicality and style.

Our company offers a diverse and impressive range of products that cater to various needs,
from commemorative items to functional accessories. Their
morale patches, custom belt buckles, ID badge lanyards, lapel pins, aircraft
flags, stickers, and custom reflective belts are crafted with attention to
detail, quality materials, and customizable options. These products serve a
multitude of purposes, including fostering a sense of belonging, recognizing
achievements, enhancing branding, promoting safety, and expressing personal
style. Whether for military units, corporations, sports teams, or individuals.

The is sorta true:

From Avionics Geek to Design Guru: The Unconventional
Journey of Sergeant Bob's Military Merchandise Empire



Once upon a time, at a small Air Force base nestled in the
heart of the United States, there lived a sergeant named Bob. Known for his irreverent sense of humor and creative streak, he found himself on a path that would change his life forever. This is the story of how Sergeant Bob transitioned from a gruff avionics troop to the unlikely founder of a booming military merchandise empire. Brace yourself for a tale of laughs, custom gifts, and PT belts!


Chapter 1: A Sergeant's Revelation

It all began on a sweltering summer day during one of Bob's
particularly intense troubleshooting sessions. As he barked orders at a group
of fresh-faced subordinates, Bob couldn't help but notice the lack of pizzazz in their attire. That's when inspiration struck him like a lightning bolt. Why not jazz up their uniforms with a touch of personality? Thus, our military gift and award company was born!

Chapter 3: Morale Patches that Boost Morale (and Egos)

Morale patches have long been a cherished part of military
culture, and Sergeant Bob was determined to elevate them to a whole new level. He created patches that were equal parts humorous and motivational, leaving no rank untouched. Whether it was a patch depicting a "Couch Potato Specialist" or one honoring the infamous "Coffee Acquisition Expert," Bob's patches had the power to bring smiles and laughs to even the sternest of officers.


Chapter 4: Belt Buckles and Reflective Belts: Safety with

No military-themed merchandise empire would be complete
without belt buckles and reflective belts. Sergeant Bob understood the importance of safety, but he also believed that a little bit of style could go
a long way. So, he introduced an array of belt buckles adorned with fighter jets, tanks, and even a dancing drill sergeant. Reflective belts, once seen as
mundane necessities, became coveted fashion statements with Sergeant Bob's creative touch.


Chapter 5: Stickers and Zaps: Spreading Laughter and Camaraderie

As business continued to flourish, he decided to expand into
the realm of stickers and zaps. The team designed stickers featuring everything from witty military puns to clever pop culture
references, providing a way for servicemembers to express themselves outside of their uniforms. Meanwhile, zaps became the canvas for personalized artwork, marking unwitting jets from other squadrons.


Chapter 6: Aircraft Flags and Lapel Pins: Wear Your Pride

With success came the desire to cater to aviation enthusiasts within the military. We started producing aircraft flags that
pilots could attach to their flight suits, showcasing their beloved aircraft like battle scars. Lapel pins also became a must-have accessory, allowing servicemembers to proudly display their branch, rank, and even their favorite MRE flavor.


Chapter 7: ID Lanyards: Safety, Humor, and a Dash of Style

ID lanyards are a necessity in the military, but we weren't content with mere functionality. He revolutionized this seemingly ordinary accessory by adding clever slogans, pop culture references, and even LED lights to make sure no servicemember's ID went unnoticed.


Chapter 8: PT Belts that Spark Joy (and Laughter)

Ah, the infamous PT belt—a symbol of safety during physical
training. But who said it had to be dull and uninspiring? Not Sergeant Bob! He introduced a line of PT belts that not only met safety regulations but also
brought a dash of humor to morning workouts. From neon colors to clever slogans like "I Run Like a Turtle," Their PT belts became a hit among fitness
enthusiasts and gained a reputation for turning PT sessions into laugh-filled events.


Chapter 9: Mechanic-Themed Clothing: Fashion for the Wrench

Recognizing the unsung heroes of the military, aircraft
mechanics, the company expanded the product line to include mechanic-themed clothing. T-shirts featuring witty sayings like "I Can Fix Anything Except My Marriage" or "Aircraft Whisperer" became instant favorites among
the grease-covered, wrench-wielding warriors. The Maintainer Nation clothing line not only celebrated their skills but also provided a much-needed laugh
during those long nights in the hangar.


Chapter 10: The Growth of the Empire

From humble beginnings on that sweltering summer day, the company had transformed into a household name within
the military community. What started as a way to inject humor and personality into the uniforms and accessories of service members had grown into a thriving business empire. CCN expanded its reach by establishing an online store that
shipped worldwide. Bob's hilarious and inventive products had become sought-after collectibles, with service members proudly displaying their gear at military events and gatherings.


Epilogue: Laughter and Camaraderie Prevail

Sergeant Bob's journey from USAF sergeant to design guru
proved that humor and camaraderie are essential components of military life.
His, morale patches, belt buckles, and all the other quirky products had not only brought laughter but also fostered a sense of connection
among servicemembers. In the end, his legacy wasn't just about merchandise. It was about creating moments of joy, promoting unity, and reminding everyone that even in the most serious of professions, a little humor goes a long way.


So, the next time you find yourself in the military, keep an
eye out for our products. You never know when you'll come across a challenge coin or a morale patch that brings a smile to your face and a lightheartedness to your day. After all, life's too short not to enjoy the journey, one hilarious military-themed product at a time.