Army Merchandise

Army Merchandise is designed to provide a variety of military combat gear and equipment, which is important to the service members in the field. These items include uniforms, boots, helmets, backpacks, and other army gear. Army personnel needs these supplies for their safety and protection as well as for their efficiency on the battlefield.

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Challenge Coins

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Army Custom Merchandise

Whether it be Army Challenge Coins, Army Patches, Army Pins, Army Knives, our large selection of Military & Combat Flags, or reflective belts, we have a lot of Army Custom Merchandise in stock ready to ship now. If you cannot find your Army Custom Merchandise or looking to make your own Army merchandise, lets us know! We can always add words or Army Slogans like, "Proud ArmyDad" to merchandise.

The Army Spouse Coin

is a medal that commemorates the service of military spouses. It was created in 2009, and the design features a woman's silhouette with an eagle on her shoulder and the American flag. The obverse side depicts a couple embracing. In 2008, Congress passed legislation that authorized the Secretary of Defense to create an official coin for military spouses. The initial design for this coin was created by Col Timothy P O'Neill in 2009 and features a silhouette of an Army spouse with her husband's rank insignia at her feet while she clutches their child to her chest. The words "ARMY SPOUSE" are inscribed below the figure, while stars and stripes surround it on top and bottom edges. The reverse side of the coin includes symbols representing service - the Eagle atop a banner with inscriptions reading "E PLURIBUS UNUM" (which means one out of many), "DO NOT TREAD ON ME," "AUXILIARY," "PUBLIC SERVANT." Inscriptions around these symbols read: "UNITED STATES ARMY," "SPOUSES OF AMERICA'S ARMED FORCES," "2009", E PLURIBUS UNUM" (which means one out of many

Army Patches

The army patch is the military insignia of the soldier's unit, branch or specialty. They are worn on a soldier's right sleeve, above the name tag and rank. For officers, they are rendered in gold thread on dark blue cloth; for enlisted personnel, they are rendered in white thread on green cloth; for warrant officers, they are embroidered in silver thread on black cloth. Pairs of officer and enlisted ranks wear different patches: an officer's rank insignia is a single star or cluster (or other device) with wreath and anchor for Navy and Coast Guard; cord or wreath with star for Air Force; eagle with stars for Army and Marine Corps. There is no universally agreed-upon system to distinguish ranks from one another by their patches since many branches use different systems of markings to signify where someone stands within that branch Rank may also be signified by insignia like stars or rockers that can be pinned above the left breast pocket as well as cuff badges which are metal devices sewn onto each side of the uniform shirt near its cuffs.

United States ARMY
Delta Force Patches

The United States Army's Delta Force is a special operations unit. It was formed in 1977 and its motto is "To free the oppressed and defend the liberties of the American people." Its patch consists of a black diamond with gold trim on a blue background. The border holds thirteen stars, representing the original thirteen colonies.

Army pins

are items that can be collected by serving members of the United States military. These pins are usually an insignia of a specific army division and served unit. For example, the rank of sergeant major is represented by an eagle with two stars on its chest. Army pins can be used for purposes other than for collecting, such as being pinned to clothing to signify a purposeful stance or action. Army Pins are collectibles that can be obtained by serving members of the United States military. They typically have insignias from various US Army divisions and units on them and they're often used in collections or to represent your perspective/action (for example, if you're wearing one pinned to your shirt).

United states

Army Knives, also known as military knives, are a type of knife that is often carried by military personnel. Army knives can be found in two main categories: general purpose and specialized. General purpose army knives are typically used for cutting rope and other necessary items but have been used for combat as well. Specialized army knives commonly serve the same functions that regular household kitchen knives do such as chopping vegetables or slicing bread; these types of army knives are typically made from stainless steel or titanium to avoid rusting. Knives were first invented around 5000 years ago and soon became one of the most important tools in the world. From ancient times to the modern era, they have been crucial in all civilizations across time periods, including those who were not originally agricultural societies; their usage evolved with different cultures. Today, we see a wide array of knife designs that serve different purposes and come designed with various materials such as ceramic blades or carbon steel blades which can produce a higher quality blade than standard stainless steel blades while being more affordable than high-quality Damascus steel blades

Combat Flags

are used to identify the unit type, size, and nationality. There is no universal standard for flags; instead, different armies have their own distinctive flags. Army merchandise brings with it a wide variety of combat flags to choose from. They are used by different armies around the world to show various aspects of their unit type, size, and nationality.

Army wife dog tags

are very popular and come in a variety of great designs. The modern dog tag is simply a plastic card with an aluminum cover to protect it. It has a sharp edge that feels comfortable in your hand but is hard enough to survive for years. These tags are designed to be worn around your neck on a chain or as a keychain. A custom Army Wife Dog Tag can make the perfect gift for any occasion! Army wife dog tags are very popular and come in a variety of great designs. These tags are specially designed with an aluminum cover that protects them from scratches and being bent out of shape so you can keep them around your neck or on your keychain without fear of damaging them. A custom army wife dog tag can make the perfect gift for any occasion!

US Military
Reflective Belts

Reflective belts are a safety device for runners now adopted by the military. The reflective belt reflects light to make the military members more visible in poor visibility conditions so that planes & drivers can see them better. We have Maintainer nation Reflective Belts on hand, or we can make your military uni reflective belts custom order.

Picture of a custom reflective belt. Reflective belts are commonly used in hours of low-light or darkness for the safety of people who work outside. We make custom reflective belts to your design.

The US Army Keychain

is a must-have for any US Army lover! The keychain features the stars and stripes, in red, white, and blue. The design is precision cut from 1/8 inch thick acrylic. This keychain has a brass finish with nickel plating.

Personalized Army keychains

can be customized with a name, rank, and division. This is a great way to show pride for the military or to show off someone's in-the-service brother or sister. There are many designs for these keychains, some of them are small enough to attach to a set of keys and some are big enough so that they can dangle from the front of a bag.

Proud Army Dad or Mom

As a proud army parent with a son in the service, I am always looking forward to his upcoming homecomings. He has always been supportive and willing to offer me any help I need. One time he offered to clean my car so that I could spend more time with him during his visit. It feels great knowing that he cares about me and is looking out for me too!


The Army Custom Merchandise Program is managed by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), a combat support agency. The DLA provides Army customers with an efficient, economical, and predictable means of fulfilling their requirements for custom merchandise. The Department of Defense (DoD) and all four armed services rely on the DLA to provide products that don't exist in commercial markets. Customers can take advantage of the following capabilities: - Specialty Items: The Army Custom Merchandise Program provides Soldiers with high-quality custom merchandise made in America at no cost to them, as well as providing specialty items on request for a charge. Requests are handled through various avenues including online requests, email requests, phone requests or faxed requests 24 hours a day from anyone who needs them from units or individuals within the United States armed forces or federal government agencies. - Event Support: The Army Custom Merchandise Program is capable of providing event support for military functions such as balls, retreats, graduation ceremonies, and other social events not to mention sports competitions and military courses when necessary by supplying items such as medals ribbons trophies banners hats pins badges patches name tags and more to commemorate these activities with crisp professionalism that will last forever.