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The firefighter has a responsibility to put out fires and save lives. In order to survive, they must be physically fit and able to wear an oxygen mask for extended periods of time as well as carry up to 100 pounds at a time. They must be ready for anything- from floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, or even terrorist attacks. The firefighting profession is often one that is selfless and highly rewarding because it feels good knowing that you are saving people's lives every day.

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Challenge Coins

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Firefighter Challenge Coins

are medals that are given to individuals who have successfully completed a series of tasks designed by the issuing agency. The tasks vary depending on the agency, but they usually include physical fitness and endurance tests. The coins have been issued to those who have helped in firefighting, hazardous materials response, emergency medical services, law enforcement officers, and other fields that could be considered hazardous professions. There are several different types of challenge coins with various designs and inscriptions on them. The Firefighter Challenge Coin is a medal that is given out to individuals by their agencies in order to show them an appreciation for being able to complete the series of tasks set out by the issuing organization (the tasks vary depending on what organization it is). These medals are often made from metal or other materials ranging from plastic or even paper. The design will depend on which organization it's coming from; some may just have an inscription while others may include symbols such as an eagle with its wings spread wide open or a firefighter carrying a child away from a burning building (depending on what kind of profession).

The Fire Chaplain badge

is a symbol of spirituality and faith in all firefighters. The badge, called a challenge coin, is typically given to chaplains who serve the needs of firefighters, their families, and the community. Firefighters may have different religious beliefs but still, believe chaplains are vital for their well-being. Fire Chaplain Challenge Coins can be given by any firefighter to another firefighter as a sign of appreciation for service or help provided.

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Firefighter Patch

Firefighter patches are created for the unit. They can be easily personalized with the fire department’s emblem, a name, date, or message that signifies the occasion. Firefighter patches also represent courage, which often gives members hope during difficult times. A Firefighter Patch design comes from your ideas. Let us help turnthose ideas into reality.

Firefighter Flag

A firefighter flag is used by firefighters to communicate with one another. The flag displays three colors: red, blue, and white. Red signifies danger, blue signifies caution, and white stands for safety. When the colors are displayed together in a horizontal fashion from left to right it means "All Clear." These flags can be seen hanging on the side of fire stations or carried by firefighters into burning buildings. They are not only used on fire trucks but also in front of homes where people will hang them to let their neighbors know when they have an emergency situation going on inside their home that could affect others living nearby.

A Firefighter pin

is a way for firefighters to show their affiliation with the profession and their participation in support groups. These pins are often given as gifts to commemorate events or accomplishments. The pins also help identify a member of the firefighting community. As firefighters, we have been called on our duty to save lives and property from fires, accidents, disasters and other emergencies.  A firefighter's lapel pin can be worn while they go about their daily schedule so that they may easily identify with one another especially when not on duty or at work. It empowers them with a sense of identity because they know that everyone else has the same symbol which signifies that they belong in this particular community An individual's firefighting badge might be one type of common example of a special-purpose insignia used within fire departments.

A firefighter shadow box

is an object that holds a collectible or memory so that it can be displayed. Firefighters often use them to display their badges. The badge is usually set on the left side of the shadow box and there are different types of badges for different levels of firefighting, rank, or life status. One example is a firefighter challenge coin which displays the rank and years served with a firefighter badge in front of it. A wall-mountable shadow box can also be used as "a sacred space" because some people believe this symbolizes hope and remembrance.