Challenge Coin Capsules

Challenge coins have been a part of many groups, businesses, and organizations for centuries. Created as a way to identify, motivate, and act as reminders, challenge coins have served an important role over the years.

In addition to their identification and motivational function, challenge coins have become important reminders for those who have served, achieved, and accomplished important tasks. For the groups, businesses, and organizations that use challenge coins, the only issue is how to protect them before they are handed out. This is where challenge coin capsules come into play.

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What Are Challenge Coin Capsules

These are plastic cases designed to go around the challenge coin so that it is properly protected from impacts, scratches, and accidental damage before they are issued to their recipients.

Challenge coin capsules sprang from the desire to maintain the mint-like condition of challenge coins for the years in which they may be stored. Plus, they can still be used by individuals to protect the challenge coins that they own.

Although simple in design, the challenge coin capsules serve an important function which many have taken advantage of to keep their collection of coins safe and protected. But what are the true benefits of having such capsules?

Challenge Coin Capsule Advantages

There are considerable advantages to purchasing challenge coin capsules, especially if you store many of them for future use or want to preserve coins that have been received over the years.

Impact Protection: The primary function of challenge coin capsules is to prevent impacts from damaging the coins themselves. This means that if they are accidentally dropped, bumped, or otherwise put in a situation in which dents, dings, or scratches may take place, the capsules or plastic cases will take the hit first.

Prevention of Wear: The edges of the coins are generally the most vulnerable spot. They are the most subject to wear and erosion over time. The capsules prevent such wear by offering an extra layer that keeps the coins safe and protected.

Reduced Maintenance: Although challenge coins made from high quality materials require relatively little in terms of maintenance, the capsules provide additional protection. This means that even less maintenance is required to keep the coins in pristine condition.

Why Choose Challenge Coin Capsules?

If only to protect your investment in distributing or collecting challenge coins, the capsules are more than worth their price. For many, the capsules provide that extra security that provides peace of mind. Not to mention the practical benefits of having capsules that are lightweight, strong, and impact-resistant.

Our company not only makes exceptional challenge coin capsules to provide protection we also create the challenge coins themselves. If you have a design idea you want for your challenge coin, then use the quote button and tell us. We can start on the artwork for your design right away.

This means that you get customized challenge coins that are long-lasting, durable, and use the specific design that you send to us. Plus, you can order our challenge coin cases to ensure that your coins are properly protected.

Challenge Coin Capsules

A challenge coin capsule is a small container in the shape of a coin. It is designed to hold a challenge coin so that it can be securely stored and protected. Challenge coins are small, circular coins, engraved with military insignia or other designs representing one's military unit or job title. They are used as symbols of achievement, distinction, and membership in an organization such as the armed forces or police force. The use of challenge coins has been around since World War I when they were given to soldiers for good luck with the phrase "keep this lucky token for protection". In recent years conflict zones have seen them become popular among American troops deployed there because they can easily be sent home to loved ones as gifts from overseas. This popularity has led to businesses running online challenges like "Operation Coin Toss" which sends new and old challenge coins overseas on behalf of donors who are interested in supporting troops abroad but cannot go themselves.

What Are Challenge Coin Capsules?

The challenge coin capsule is a small metal container that can hold a military challenge coin. They typically come in one of three sizes: 1.5 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch. The challenge coin capsules are made of either brass or nickel silver (an alloy of copper and zinc), with the exception of certain commemorative capsules which are made from more expensive materials such as sterling silver or gold plated steel. The Challenge Coin Capsules is a small metal container that can hold a military challenge coin. They typically come in one or three sizes: 1.5 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inches. The Challenge Coin Capsules are usually made from either brass or nickel silver (an alloy of copper and zinc). Certain commemorative capsules are also made from more expensive materials like sterling silver or gold plated steel

Why Choose Challenge Coin Capsules?

Challenge coin capsules are a great way to preserve coins from becoming tarnished, helping to keep the coin history preserved. Capsules come in many different sizes and can be custom made for any size of challenge coin. The Challenge Coin Capsules are a great way to protect coins from being damaged and preserving the history of the coins. The capsules can be custom-made for any size and come in many different sizes including 3x2 inch, 4x3 inch, 5x4 inch, 6x5 inch and 8x6 inch.

The Air-Tite X1.75" Direct Fit Coin Capsules For Military Challenge Coins

are a great way to keep your valuables from being lost, misplaced or damaged. These capsules are made from polystyrene and are easy to use and provide the protection that you need for your coins. The only thing you will need is a coin press (which we also sell) in order to create the perfect fit for these capsules! These capsules are designed for military challenge coins, but can be used with any 1.7 inches round coin up to 1/4 inch thick! Air-Tite X1.75" Direct Fit Coin Capsules For Military Challenge Coins allow you to store all of your precious metals in one place, while making them easy to see inside the capsule without opening it each time you want to see if anything has been added or removed! The Air-Tite Coin Capsule was designed by an industrial designer who had worked on products from General Electric and IBM so he knew what he was doing when it came time for a new project!