United States Marine Corps Custom Merchandise

The United States Marine Corps is the force that defends and protects our nation. The Marines are a part of the Department of the Navy, but they operate as an independent service within that department. Their first mission is to deploy and fight abroad to protect American interests, including diplomatic posts and economic interests, so they are prepared to respond in just minutes in any global theater of conflict. United States Marine Corps Custom Merchandise includes items such as Marines gifts,  USMC Chalelnge Coins, Marine Patches, USMC Pins, American Flags, Reflective Belts, and more!

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Challenge Coins

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The United States Marine Corps challenge coins

are a form of military currency that has been in use for over 75 years. They have the customary design and bear the insignia of their particular unit. The coins are most notably used by U.S Marines as a memento, but also carry with them other meanings such as good luck, morale booster or souvenir from deployment. The first challenge coins were made in 1943 by an unknown Marine officer for his friends to remember him by during World War II. The idea quickly caught on and soon hundreds of different designs were made to allow all Marines to customize their coin according to rank, duty station or any other special meaning they had attached their coin with. Challenge coins became much more popular in the late 1990's when new regulations prohibited active servicemen from wearing uniform items like dogtags while off-duty . Today challenge coins can be purchased online or through local shops carrying military memorabilia which may also include pins, patches and stickers commemorating various troops past and present. It is not uncommon for tourists visiting Washington D.C., where the Pentagon is located, to purchase a challenge coin at one of its many souvenir shops before touring the Arlington National Cemetery which has memorials dedicated to all U.S troops

USMC Patches

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is the branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for providing power projection from the sea, using the mobility of the United States Navy to rapidly deliver combined-arms task forces. The USMC operates from a mix of aging and modernized installations around the world that are either owned or leased by, or otherwise held by, third parties. The Marine Corps' mission includes amphibious and expeditionary warfare, as well as patrol activities by combat units ashore; but their most important function is to provide personnel for ground combat units in contact with enemy forces. Marines have been sent into action throughout history in some of America's most famous wars such as World War II - when they were often part of amphibious assaults on islands held by Japan - and more recently will be found fighting in the Middle East.

USMC Knives

Custom USMC Knives are a great gift for the unit. Marine Corp knives can represent the unit or deployment and are a great commemorative gift.

The USMC Devil Dog Flag

is a flag that was originally commissioned in 1986 by the Marine Corps Association and Foundation, Inc. (MCAF). It has become one of the most popular Marine Corps flags, and has been adopted by some other branches of the U.S. military as well as high school teams, youth groups, and associations of Marines past and present. The flag's design elements are based on those found on the official Marine Corps emblem - a devil dog ripping open an old-fashioned shield with an anchor in its mouth - which was adopted by way of Congressional approval in 1868 for use on military uniforms. The red border features 22 stars representing each state at the time when it was created back then to represent America's first 22 states; however it now represents all 50 states plus DC today . The red background is symbolic for courage, valor and sacrifice to remind people that Marines are always prepared to do their duty no matter what they must endure or accomplish if need be.


The United States Marine Corps has many pins that represent different branches or rank. This is a black and gold pin with the letter “M” in the center of it. A Sergeant Major is also ranked as a Sergeant Major and can command a larger force of men than their rank would indicate. A silver recruiter's badge is given to Marines who have gone through recruit training at Recruit Depot in San Diego, California. The Marine Corps emblem pin is worn on the right side of the chest so that it will not interfere with wearing body armor and most uniforms are worn outside of armor, on civilian clothes, or on more formal occasions such as when presenting colors during ceremonies or inspections by senior officers. These pins have different meanings for different Marines which represent what they have done for their country.

EGA Lapel Pins

were issued from the 1970s to 2003. The EGA is the emblem of the United States Marine Corps and was first adopted in 1868. The design of this pin is symbolic of both public acknowledgement and support for Marines, as well as a memorial to Marines who have given their lives in service to their country.

Marines Corps
EGA pin

The United States Marine Corps symbol appears on one side of this pin, with an eagle perched on top of a shield and clutching three arrows in its talons. The eagle's head faces toward its right wing, which represents vigilance and honor. On the other side is an American flag with thirteen stars arranged horizontally across it and thirteen red stripes running down it vertically.

USMC Globe and anchor pin

The Black Eagle Globe and Anchor Pin

is a symbol of the USMC, popularized by the Marines during World War II. The Marine Corps chose the eagle as a mascot for its unit insignia because Marines were known to be daring, aggressive and patriotic. From this, it became associated with qualities such as speed and power. The black background first appeared in 1868 when Marine Colonel Melancthon Taylor Woolson wanted an updated version of their seal. It is likely that he desired to have a more aggressive looking eagle on his insignia due to the increasing tensions between America and Mexico at this time which led him to change its color from brown to black. The United States Marine Corps adopted the eagle as their emblem because they were known for being brave, bold and patriotic. From this, they are often associated with qualities such as being fast or powerful. In 1868 Colonel Melancthon Taylor Woolson wanted an updated version of their seal so he changed it from brown back ground to a more aggressive looking gray color- most likely due to increasing tensions between America and Mexico at that time which led him to want an even more aggressive looking eagle on his insignia.

US Marine Corps
Reflective Belt

The Reflective Belt is a type of safety equipment worn by United States Marine Corps personnel. The belt serves as a reflective tool for the wearer to be seen at night or in low visibility situations. It is made of Type I Grade 1 high-intensity prismatic reflective material and comes with a Velcro strap for attaching to the belt.

The United States Marine Corps tie

is a formal necktie worn by members of the United States Marine Corps. The design was created in 1875, when Colonel George Wostenholme designed it to be used by officers of the United States Marine Corps. The colors on the tie are blue and gold, which are also colors often associated with USMC uniforms. In 1875, Colonel George Wostenholme designed an official necktie for officers of the United States Marine Corps that consisted of blue and gold stripes. This color scheme has been carried over into many aspects of USMC tradition including their uniforms and logo.

The Marine Corps tie clasp

is a decorative item that is worn on the necktie. It is a gold-plated, two-piece pin made up of four parts: the hook, the body, the ball and the bar. The Marine Corps tie clasp features an eagle with outstretched wings and a shield on its chest. The eagle clutches an anchor and arrow in its talons. The United States Marine Corps tie clasp was first authorized for wear by General Order No. 55 (dated August 17, 1894) as part of full dress uniforms. This decoration was only for officers to wear on their civilian clothes or evening attire during social occasions; enlisted Marines were not allowed to wear it until after World War II.

Tie clasp is a type of jewelry that is worn in the necktie knot, just below the tie. It is generally used to hold the tie in place and can be made from a variety of materials including metal, plastic, or glass. A United States Marine Corps tie clasp has been around for many years and it was originally worn as an insignia for officers but now it has come to be known as part of a uniform. A United States Marine Corps tie clasp will have the initials USMC engraved on them and it can also represent rank by how many stars are on them. An officer's rank would start at one star with two stars being major general, three would be lieutenant general etc. Some people find that wearing a USMC tie clasp helps to keep their necktie secure while other officers think they're just not necessary.

Marine Corps Cufflinks

The United States Marine Corps is the main branch of America’s Armed Forces. The Marine Corps motto, Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful), represents the absolute dedication and loyalty that all Marines share to protect and serve their country. Marines have been there since the beginning of America’s history, in 1775 during the Revolutionary War. Even though Marines are not a part of the Navy like originally planned, they still work closely with it to maintain security for America's shores. Marine Corps cufflinks are a great gift for any person who has served or is currently serving in this branch of service with either a military or civilian background. These cufflinks provide them with an opportunity to wear their pride on their sleeve and represent for those who never got that chance to do so themselves. It is also a tribute to those who have given up so much for our freedom!

Gifts for a Marine Mom

The United States Marine Corps has a motto: Semper Fidelis. Those words mean that Marines are always faithful, not just in the good times but in the bad as well. The Marine Corps is made up of members who have pledged to defend their country, even if it means giving their life for that pledge. These men and women are loyal and passionate about everything they do, including being parents. Mothers of Marines should be treated like the heroes they truly are with gifts from one of these organizations: -USMC Foundation -National Military Family Association -Marine Parents Fund

Father of a US Marine

Marine Corps veteran and proud dad of a Marine. A United States Marine Corps veteran, proud father of a Marine, is an American hero. The Marines are the ground troops for the Navy and U.S. Army, and tasked with being the first to fight in wars abroad and on home soil. The Marines have been defending the nation's freedom since 1775 by fighting in every major war in U.S history - from World War I to Iraq The Marines are often called "The Few & Proud" because they're America's most highly trained ground troops - they go through some of the toughest military training in our nation's history before going into battle with some of America's most elite units like Force Recon or Delta Force! After defending our country as members of one of these elite forces, these retired Marines return home as fathers who love their children just as much as they loved their country All Americans owe them a debt for their service, but so do veterans - especially those who've served inside combat zones overseas or come back from war-time duty here at home after serving bravely abroad!