Air Force Custom Merchandise

The United States Air Force Custom is a branch of the United States military. The Air Force is responsible for many things, including flying aircraft and space exploration. The Air Force has five main missions: air superiority, air and space operations, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; rapid global mobility; global strike; information dominance. The United States Air Force Custom was established in 1947 following World War II as the post-war successor to the Army Air Forces with major command structures established in 1948. Some of the most famous symbols of this branch are its dress uniforms which include a variety of headgear such as berets or caps.

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Challenge Coins

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Whether it be Air Force Challenge Coins, Air Force Patches, Air Force Pins, Air Force Knives, our large selection of USAF Flags, or reflective belts, we have a lot of Air Force Custom Merchandise in stock ready to ship now. If you cannot find your Air Force Custom Merchandise or looking to make your own Air Force merchandise, lets us know! We can always add words or AF Slogans like, "Proud Air Force Dad" to merchandise.

Air Force Challenge Coins

An Air Force Challenge Coin is a coin that is issued by the United States Air Force as a challenge coin to every member of the Air Force. The coins are given to members as symbols of their membership in the armed forces and as mementos of their achievements. They are not considered military decorations, but they are nonetheless prized by collectors. The coins were created in 1956 when Secretary of Defense Charles Wilson ordered each department to find a way for military members to carry an emblem or insignia that would allow them to identify themselves with those who served in their respective branches. The design can vary from one person's coin to another, however, it usually contains an insignia representing the person's particular squadron or base and has "USAF" printed on one side and "challenge" printed on the other side along with some sort of motto or slogan about service (e.g., "A Tradition Of Excellence").

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Air Force Patches

Air Force Patches are military insignia that represent a particular unit or maybe just a Morale Patch. They are typically worn above the right pocket on the uniform and denote rank and specialty. We do have Duty Identifier patches as well.

Air Force Pins

As a member of the Air Force, I know much about it, I have seen many pins before. They are worn on uniforms to denote rank, but could also be worn by anyone who is an Air Force supporter. I am sure that many people wear these pins simply as a way of showing support for the troops. These pins can be bought from places like uniform shops or in our stock, or custom-made by us. Air Force Pins are badges, typically military in nature, which can signify rank or affiliation with the United States Air Force among other things. They are most often made out of metal and most often manufactured with enamel paint or cloisonné to give them color and greater durability over time due to their metal composition.

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Air Force Knives

Air Force Knives are custom-made tactical knives. Air Force Knives are manufactured by Air Force Custom Knife and Tool, located in New York. The company's products include fixed blade hunting knives and tactical combat knives. These products are sold to military personnel and civilians alike.

USAF Flags

We have many Air Force Aircraft Flags on hand like the C-130 Flag, F-22 Flag, F-15 Flag, and Combat Flag. Take a look at our Aircraft Flags and if you want to make a custom flag, let us know! If you have a specific aircraft tail flash, like a C-17 tail flash, you would like made, we can do that.

Unique Air Force Gifts

Air Force Dog Collars can be made, the issue is, if we make a unique gift like an Air Force Dog Collar, we have to do it in bulk. Unfortunately, we cannot make 1 Air Force Dog Collar at a time.

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Reflective Belts

Reflective belts are a safety device for runners now adopted by the military. The reflective belt reflects light to make the military members more visible in poor visibility conditions so that planes & drivers can see them better. We have Maintainer nation Reflective Belts on hand, or we can make your military uni reflective belts custom order.

Picture of a custom reflective belt. Reflective belts are commonly used in hours of low-light or darkness for the safety of people who work outside. We make custom reflective belts to your design.

C-17 Globemaster II Tail Flash

C-17 squadrons are the first in the world to incorporate a novel tail flash design. When the aircraft is at rest on the ground, one of two tail flashes is displayed—either red with a white outline or white with a red outline. When in flight, one of four tail flashes is displayed—red, blue, green or yellow. For historic reasons these pulses alternate between red and yellow when seen from above.

A Family Tradition of Air Force Service

My father was a proud air force dad and he always would take the time to teach me all about the great things they do. I remember when my father took me to see his old base and tell me all about what it was like to be there in his day. We also used to watch airforce television together and we both got really excited every time a new plane came out or if someone had done something really cool like landing on an aircraft carrier at sea. My father knew all of the ropes, literally, as he served for over 20 years in the Air Force before retiring.

Gifts for Air Force Pilots

Pilots are often given gifts for their service. They can be something as simple as a card that says thank you, or a more personal item such as a picture of the person giving the gift. Many of these items listed above are common gifts for pilots, but let us know if you need something custom-made. We love making gifts for pilots.