The American Flag Patch

is a military patch that is worn on the right arm of a uniform. It consists of an embroidered, rectangular shape with red and white stripes and fifty stars in blue in the top left-hand corner of the rectangle. The flag signifies America’s patriotism, bravery, and leadership. This patch was originally used as a unit identification patch during World War II. In recent years it has been used to recognize members or veterans who have served overseas in combat theaters like Iraq or Afghanistan.

US American Flag Patch - Pencil Patch
US American Flag Patch - Pencil Patch
US American Flag Patch - Pencil Patch
US American Flag Patch - Pencil Patch

US American Flag Patch - Pencil Patch

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US American Flag Patch

The perfect patch at the perfect size. This US Military Flag patch is the perfect size for you bag, hat, shirt, or board. Let us know where you put your American Flag patch!

The US Flag patch comes in two variations. We have the Red, White, and Blue American Flag style or the OCP American Flag patch version too.

Size: 1" Tall x 2" Wide

Velcro Backing

We have both forward and reverse flag options. Please specify the variations option.

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Who can wear an American Flag Patch?

The American flag patch can be worn by anyone who lives in the United States and considers themselves an American citizen. This includes military personnel and veterans, as well as civilians and naturalized citizens. The patch signifies that the wearer is a patriotic member of the nation.

What sleeve does the American flag patch go on?

The American flag patch goes on the right shoulder sleeve.

What does the black American flag patch stand for?

The black American flag patch is a symbol of black pride and solidarity. The patch's design consists of the flag with a blue background, the red star and white stripes representing the original thirteen colonies, and a black stripe in place of the white one to represent African Americans who fought for freedom during slavery.

Can you wear an American flag patch?

An American flag patch is a common form of apparel, especially that worn by members of the military. It is usually placed on the left arm or on the right shoulder near the armpit. The design of an American flag patch can vary depending on how it is to be worn and what its purpose will be, as well as what branch of military service or armed forces it belongs to. The United States Department of Defense has strict guidelines for where an American flag patch can be worn, such as only being allowed to wear them on clothes if they are not visible during normal duty hours; when in civilian clothes not connected with military service except in formal wear at social functions; and finally, when wearing civilian clothes away from any kind of duty for reasons other than work.

Why are American Flag patches on uniforms backward?

The American Flag patch looks backward, but it's because the Union & Stars march forward. The American flag patch is on the uniform of firefighters because it gives them protection. The American flag patch is also on the uniforms of police officers to show that they serve and protect their communities and country. These patches are reversed so that when they are turned inside out, they are still showing the American flag as a sign of respect to those who died in battle.

American Flag Patch Military

The American flag patch is a sign that the wearer of the uniform is a veteran or active duty service member. The patch has 13 red and white stripes for the original 13 colonies that symbolize patriotism and unity. The blue rectangle in the center represents justice, truth, and liberty. In addition to this being an American flag, it also goes back to colonial times when soldiers would wear a blue or red cloth on their hats to identify themselves as part of either British troops or rebels.

Tactical US flag OCP Bag green w/hook

The American flag patch on the outside of this tactical US flag bag is made of Velcro, which allows it to be easily interchangeable and customizable with other patches. This tactical US flag bag also features a hook at the top and has a reinforced handle. Additionally, it is made from nylon material so that it is durable.

OCP American Flag Patch

The American Flag Patch is worn on the right sleeve of a uniform to signify affiliation with the armed forces. This patch is worn by members of the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard. To be eligible for wear of the patch on a military uniform, an individual must have completed basic training or service in a unit that received combat credit. The color red stands for courage in battle and white represents purity. The blue field with stars represents justice and upholds liberty as well as vigilance which means to be watchful against danger or threat. These colors form together to create a symbol that reminds us of all those who serve our country's freedom and are willing to give their lives if need be so that we might continue living free lives in peace.

Where does the American flag go on the OCP uniform?

The American flag is placed on the right shoulder pocket flap, with the blue field to the right of the wearer.

Freedom patches

The freedom patch is a symbol of the american flag. It consists of fifty stars and thirteen stripes, and it has been used as a military insignia by members of the United States Armed Forces since at least World War II. Freedom patches are typically worn on the right shoulder, but some wear them on their left shoulder or somewhere in between. The right-handed placement is popular because it allows for easier access to firearms with the corresponding hand in case of an emergency situation. A variation on this patch includes two crossed swords with one star below them and five stars above them to represent different branches of service within the U.S Military - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.