OV-1 Mohawk Aircraft Bottle Opener for any occasion. Keychain feature included for easy traveling
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OV-1 Mohawk - "Whispering Death" Key Chain Bottle Opener

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OV-1 Mohawk Aircraft

For years U.S. commanders have relied on a set of eyes that look deep into the jungles and from a vantage point high overhead.

These eyes can instantly spot any vehicle movements and record them on film that is processed in seconds to be scanned and relayed to the ground. If even one truck were to move anywhere within a vast area to the north, U.S. commanders on the ground would know it within minutes.

This powerful vision belongs to a combat-proven airborne radar system, and the system was originally mounted aboard one of the oddest looking tactical aircraft that has ever served the United States in combat:

The Mohawk is also the only fixed-wing aircraft ever built specifically for the U.S. Army since the Air Force became a separate service in 1947.

The OV-1C was the first Mohawk to be equipped with infrared systems, and they proved valuable for detecting Viet Cong guerrilla units, which were normally small, mobile, and hard to find.

"The infrared Mohawks were able to pick up the heat from VC cooking fires," says Paul Reed, a former imagery analyst with both the Army and the Central Intelligence Agency.

"There were a lot of VC that got very upset when artillery rounds came in on them while they were fixing breakfast."

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