America The Beautiful

America The Beautiful

"America the Beautiful" is a solemn patriotic song with lyrics written by Katharine Lee Bates. At first, as a poem for The Congregationalist periodical in 1895. Bates was an English Literature professor at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. In 1893, the 33-year old Bates had to journey to Colorado Springs to teach a summer class. The beauty of Pikes Peak inspired her to compose a poem and expressed the beauty of America seen from her eyes. In 1903, a publisher combined Bates' poem with Samuel A. Ward's musical composition, "Materna." Ward was a choirmaster of Grace Episcopal Church in Newark, New Jersey. The music was inspired while he was in a ferryboat from his visit to Coney Island. "America the Beautiful" continues to hold the high esteem of Americans even after a century. It serves as the unofficial anthem sung to convey national identity.


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History of America The Beautiful

The poem swiftly caught public interest that inspired composers to write music for the lyrics. It inspired at least seventy-five (75) musical compositions five (5) years after the poem's publication. Silas Pratt composed the first known melody for the song, but Samuel A. Ward's "Materna" was considered the best since the song's publication in 1910 up to the present. Since then, there were popular versions of the song recorded by celebrated singers and artists. In 1961, Bing Crosby added his rendition on the album 101 Gang Songs. Frank Sinatra collaborated with Nelson Riddle and recorded a version for The Concert Sinatra in 1963. Attempts to honor ''America the Beautiful" its legal status as a national anthem were made for the course of one hundred (100) years. Though these were unsuccessful attempts, the song's popularity did not diminish. As a result of the September 11 attacks, the song's popularity surged yet again.


Facts of America The Beautiful

The lyric author of "America the Beautiful" Katharine Lee Bates and its music composer Samuel A. Ward have never met in person. Ward died in 1903 before the song's publication in 1910. Bates died in 1929 and has witnessed the evolution of her composition to its glory. The tune of "Auld Lang Syne" fitted the lyrics of Bates' poem that people sung it with the hymn for several years. "America the Beautiful" was a well-qualified candidate to become the country's national anthem and continues to remain in the hearts of Americans though it did not attain legal status.


Meaning of America The Beautiful

The four verses of the lyrics express acknowledgment of the beauty of America with subtle religious implications. The aesthetic appeal of Pikes Peak while recognizing God's favor to marvel at the beauty of the landscape was expressed in the first verse. The second verse remembers the early settlers of the author's hometown in Massachusetts. The third verse conveys gratitude to the nation's armed forces for keeping America's freedom. Heeding respect for the future through God's grace is the message of the fourth verse.

"America the Beautiful" is a beloved patriotic song that has become an integral part of American culture and identity. Written by Katharine Lee Bates and composed by Samuel A. Ward, this iconic anthem has a rich history and a number of interesting trivia associated with it.

  1. Poetic Inspiration: The song's lyrics were inspired by a trip Bates took to Pikes Peak, Colorado, in 1893. The breathtaking view from the summit served as the primary inspiration for her poetic verses.

  2. Original Poem: The song began as a poem titled "Pikes Peak" which was later revised and renamed "America the Beautiful". The poem was first published in 1895 in a church periodical.

  3. Music Composition: Samuel A. Ward initially composed the music for the song as a hymn, which he titled "Materna". The melody was originally unrelated to Bates' poem.

  4. Marriage of Lyrics and Music: The convergence of Bates' lyrics and Ward's music occurred in 1910 when a publisher combined them, creating the version that is known and cherished today.

  5. First Public Performance: The song was first performed publicly in 1910 at a church in Camden, New Jersey, with Ward's music accompanying Bates' lyrics.

  6. Unofficial National Hymn: Although "America the Beautiful" is not the official national anthem of the United States (that honor goes to "The Star-Spangled Banner"), it holds significant cultural and emotional resonance for many Americans.

  7. Patriotic Imagery: The song's lyrics vividly describe the natural beauty of the United States, referencing its spacious skies, amber waves of grain, and purple mountain majesties. These images evoke a deep sense of national pride and unity.

  8. Popular Renditions: Over the years, "America the Beautiful" has been covered by numerous artists from various musical genres, ranging from Ray Charles to Elvis Presley, showcasing its enduring popularity and versatility.

  9. Used in Civil Rights Movements: The song played a significant role in the American Civil Rights Movement. Performances by artists like Mahalia Jackson and others helped to inspire hope and solidarity among activists.

  10. Official Recognition: In 1913, the U.S. Department of the Interior declared "America the Beautiful" a national hymn. This recognition further solidified its place in American culture.

"America the Beautiful" continues to resonate with Americans of all backgrounds, serving as a powerful reminder of the nation's natural beauty and the ideals it aspires to uphold. Its timeless lyrics and stirring melody ensure its place in the hearts of generations to come.


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