Certified Technician Patch
Certified Technician Patch The US military is well known for offering various training options. Soldiers can get their training done and move along with their career. Even after their time in the military is over, the training session will be...
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MH-53 Helicopter
The MH-53 is a helicopter manufactured for US Military by the American company Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. They are improved versions according to the military component. The MH-53 Pave Low is the enhanced version of the Sikorsky HH-53 "Super Jolly Green...
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The Positive Impact of a Challenge Coin
Did you know that Air Force officers and NCO’s are often chided for not giving out enough awards? It’s true. And when it happens there is a flurry of activity of officers directing NCO’s to get awards submitted for their...
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Per Diem in the US Military
Military Per Diem is daily allotted pay for traveling and can be used for laundry, food, lodging, basic needs and alcoholic beverages. The Per Diem rate the individual's in the military get is based off a rate that combines the...
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Mode 4 Mixup
“Pentagon News Release – On 24 December 2017, at approximately 2348, NORAD radars detected an inbound unidentified target approaching the North American ADIZ at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was behaving erratically, zig-zagging and disappearing for moments over...
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