US Military F-22 Fighter Plane
As a result of a partnership between the aerobatic manufacturers Boeing and Lockheed Martin in the 90s, a tactical and advanced fighter called the F22 was developed, which was built for the US Military. The latest technology avionics, excellent stealth...
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Madwire challenge coins
Not just for military folk! Most veterans and active military members know the value of a challenge coin (except nonners and blue falcons).  Blood, sweat, and tears get poured into earning these pretty little pieces of metal. To many, challenge...
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US Air Force: B-52 Bomber Facts
The Boeing B 52 Bomber Stratofortress is a subsonic bomber, which does not exceed the speed of sound, powered by jet engines, which was manufactured by Boeing, an American company , for the US Air Force since 1955, and is...
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A sampling of the many custom challenge coins made by challenge coin nation
Challenge Coin Nation Custom Challenge Coins A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion with an insignia or emblem from an organization and was initially used by the military as a way for servicemen and women to prove membership...
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