FAA A&P patch in coyote brown approved for wear on USAF uniform
Morale Patches in the Military OCP colored FAA A&P and FCC GROL patches approved by USAF AFPC for wear on the USAF OCP uniform if the certification is published on the member's SURF IAW AFI 36-2903. 
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B-52 bomber with weapons load. Challenge coin nation sells B-52 coins
A Brief History of the B-52 Bomber. The Boeing B-52 bomber has a rich and storied history that spans over six decades. It was first introduced in the 1950s as a long-range strategic bomber designed to carry nuclear weapons during the Cold War. 
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Soldier suffering from low morale
Maintaining military morale isn't rocket science to real leaders, but since there are so few in leadership who seem to understand it, you'd think it was rocket science. It makes you wonder what they were taught in college or leadership...
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Gallows humor meme
For the most part the huddled masses know nothing of the concept of gallows humor, and yet for many in the military it’s just a part of who they are and their normal daily behavior.
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