Reflective Belts

Please visit our main Reflective Belts page to see examples of the great custom PT and reflective belts that we have created for military units.

Reflective Belts are two things. The main thing a reflective belt is, safety! Reflective Belts are commonly used in hours of low-light and/or darkness by people who work outside. They're worn so drivers can see the reflective belt and the location of those wearing them. The second thing reflective belts are is a sense of pride, they represent the unit and team.

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Custom Reflective Belts

Military belts are often used in the military to hold up their pants and keep things in place. Reflective belts are used for safety, most in hours of low light and darkness. These belts have a strip of reflective material on them so they can be seen at night, which is great for those who work outside or at night, such as police officers, firefighters, maintainers, and more. We make CUSTOM REFLECTIVE BELTS!