Airman Lance and His Custom Reflective Belt

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What follows is a true story about custom reflective belts.

Lance was a seasoned USAF KC-46 Crew Chief who prided himself on his safety record. He always wore his reflective belt, even when he wasn't working on the flight line. He knew that it was important to be visible to everyone around him, especially in the fast-paced and often chaotic world of aircraft maintenance. He even wore it off duty and around the dorm. He also wore his foamies, headsets, and eye protection all the time too. Yeah, Lance was a little bit off.

One day, while removing a particularly stubborn hydraulic mule hose, Lance accidentally got some Skydrol on his reflective belt. He didn't think much of it at the time, but later that day he noticed that the lettering on the belt had started to wear off. He tried to wipe it clean, but it was too late. The once bright and legible "69th LANCERS" lettering and image of a medieval Knight’s lance had become a smudged and barely visible mess. (Amazing coincidence huh? Lance being assigned to The Lancers?)

Lance knew that he couldn't go without his belt, but he also knew that he couldn't wear it in its current state. He decided to fix it himself with a black Sharpie, but alas, poor lance was not an artist. His lance drawing ended up looking more like something naughty that Crew Chiefs have been known to draw on things when people aren’t watching. Poor Lance thought his custom reflective belt looked fine.

The next day, Lance showed up to work wearing his newly “redrawn” custom reflective belt. As he walked around the flight line, he could see the confusion on people's faces, and the smiles on others. He just took it as admiration or jealousy over his artistic abilities. Of course, the other guys on the flight line didn’t tell him what it looked like. In fact, in the coming days it became a running joke for people to tell Lance that they liked his lance. Our hapless Crew Chief was oblivious to the joke.

He even started introducing himself to pilots and crew members as "Lance, the Lance." For everyone else it was all in good fun, and it made the long days on the flightline a little more interesting.

One day, the base commander decided to prove he was a good leader by coming out to the flightline. He was making his rounds, shaking hands, and asking questions, when he noticed Lance's customized reflective belt. He walked over to him and said, "Son, what is that thing that you’ve drawn on your reflective belt?" Lance smiled and explained the situation to the general, who was still confused until the section chief whispered something in his ear. The General chuckled and said, "Well, this is an honor! So you’re Lance the Lance!"

From that day forward, Lance's new title stuck, and it followed him to every new base. As he made rank someone eventually made a desk name plate for him with that engraved on it. He always had his custom reflective belt on display somewhere in his office.

Chinese soldiers wearing custom reflective belts

The Chinese Army Wearing Custom Reflective Belts Designed by Lance

Years went by, and Lance eventually retired from the Air Force. He hung up his uniform and his now tattered custom reflective belt and headed home. But even today, when you see his retirement ceremony photo sitting on his fireplace mantle, you can see that he wore his reflective belt for his retirement.

So don’t be a Lance! Challenge Coin Nation custom reflective belts have the printing on the inside of the clear plastic which makes them much more durable and protects the lettering and artwork. The colors remain bright for longer and dirt and grime can be wiped off.

Leaders, you don’t want a bunch of Lance’s running around the flightline do you? No, we didn’t think so. And wouldn’t it be great for your troops to show up at the next TDY wearing Challenge Coin Nation custom reflective belts emblazoned with your squadron on them? And think of the morale boost and unit pride they create. 

Check out the examples of some that we have made and then submit your artwork for a free quote and to see what yours would look like.

Challenge coin nation custom reflective belt made for an Air Force unit in Okinawa
Custom Reflective Belt Made for a USAF Unit in Okinawa

Having said that, don’t get that purple hydraulic fluid on anything you care about. People who work with it will back us up on that. Even Chief Lance.

ps – the story isn’t true….or is it?

So, remember, in today's world, safety is of utmost importance, whether you're in a military environment, pedestrian or a cyclist, being visible in low-light conditions can be the difference between in a safe situation and a dangerous one. Challenge Coin Nation custom reflective belts are an excellent solution for individuals looking to stay safe and visible, while also having a unique look.

Challenge Coin Nation custom reflective belts are belts made from reflective materials that can be personalized with unique designs, logos, or text. They are an excellent way to promote a brand, team, or cause while also ensuring visibility in low-light conditions.

Reflective belts are commonly used in a variety of industries, including military, construction, transportation, and law enforcement. The US Army normally calls them PT Belts. They are also popular among cyclists, runners, and walkers who want to stay visible while exercising outdoors.

Challenge Coin Nation custom reflective belts are available in various styles and sizes, making them a versatile accessory that can be used for different purposes. From simple, single-colored reflective bands to fully customizable belts with logos and text, Challenge Coin Nation can make a custom reflective belt to fit any need.

One of the primary benefits of custom reflective belts is their ability to promote safety. By using reflective materials, they enhance visibility in low-light conditions, making it easier for drivers and other road users to see pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, Challenge Coin Nation custom reflective belts are made from high-quality materials that can withstand wear, tear, and grime, ensuring long-term use.

Challenge Coin Nation custom reflective belts are also an excellent way to promote branding and team spirit. By adding a logo or team name to the belt, individuals can promote their brand or team while also staying safe. Custom reflective belts are commonly used in sports teams, schools, and organizations to promote esprit de corps and unity. They also positively enhance morale in military units.

Another benefit of custom reflective belts is their versatility. They can be used in a variety of settings and situations, making them a useful accessory for people of all ages and lifestyles. Whether you're running errands, walking the dog, or cycling to work, a custom reflective belt is a great way to stay visible and promote safety.

When selecting a custom reflective belt, there are several factors to consider. First, you should consider the purpose of the belt. If you plan on using the belt for cycling or running, you may want a wider, adjustable belt that can be worn over clothing. If you plan on using the belt for walking or running errands, a slimmer, more discreet belt may be more appropriate. If you are in the military, then you should consider materials like the ones that Challenge Coin Nation uses, which are resistant to grime and many chemicals.

You should also consider the material of the belt. Reflective belts are commonly made from materials like nylon, polyester, or neoprene. These materials are lightweight, durable, and can withstand wear and tear. Some belts also have additional features like water resistance, which can be useful for individuals who exercise outdoors in inclement weather.

When designing a custom reflective belt, there are several design elements to consider. Logos and text are popular design choices, but patterns and colors can also be used to create a unique and eye-catching belt. It's important to choose a design that is reflective of your personal style or brand, while also being visible in low-light conditions.

In conclusion, Challenge Coin Nation custom reflective belts are an excellent way to stay safe and visible in low-light conditions while also promoting branding, morale, unit pride, and team spirit. With a variety of styles, sizes, and materials available, there is a custom reflective belt to fit any need. Whether you're in the military, a cyclist, runner, or pedestrian, a Challenge Coin Nation custom reflective belt is a must-have accessory for anyone who values safety and visibility.

CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE ADDER, IRAQ 10.03.2009 Photo by Sgt Neil Gussman, 28th ECAB.

Sgt. Jason Guge of Billings, Mont., a Black Hawk helicopter mechanic, wears several physical training belts in a hanger (sic) at Contingency Operating Base Adder, Iraq.

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