What You Can Learn from the U.S. Military about Culture in the Workplace

What You Can Learn from the U.S. Military about Culture in the Workplace

Improve Your Workplace Culture by Following Military Practice

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As many companies have transitioned towards digital workplaces, it’s harder to establish and maintain a positive workplace culture with a sense of comradery. Who knows comradery better than the U.S. military? Practices used by the military encourage everyone to perform at their best, whether they’re in a team setting or not. 
With the help of Challenge Coin Nation, you can create customized challenge or leadership coins to reward your employees. These coins will serve as a reminder of excellence and commitment to a company, department, or individual role.

Blue Falcon Challenge Coins with black and white American flag coins beside it.


Incorporating Military Practices in the Workplace

Military culture promotes values and morals, encouraging its members to act ethically and portray the best behavior. Challenge coins are rewarded in the military as a token of appreciation to its members to acknowledge their courage and efforts. Businesses could incorporate this practice into their workforce and encourage a similar culture in the office. Challenge coins offer a way to add prestige to roles, departments, and your company as a whole.

 Challenge coins for Wall Street businesses that have a diamond and “Diamond Hands” written on the front and “Wall Street Silver #SilverSqueeze” on the back.

Right of Passage

One of the most important aspects of workplace culture is for each employee to feel like they’re valued. Most of the time, people don’t quit because of a company, they quit because of people. Leadership coins could be a great way for businesses to show appreciation to their higher-level staff members. These customized coins could include the company logo, tagline, and inspiring message such as, “Excellence in Leadership” to inspire and remind leaders of their importance at your company.

 Challenge coins shaped like a fighter plane that says “Train and Maintain ‘ Merica” on the back.

Strength During Tough Times

When times get tough, particularly in the workplace, it’s important for your teams to rise up to the challenge and work together to push through the obstacles. Challenge coins are a great reminder for leaders to remain strong during these tough times. Whether they keep it on their desk, carry it in their pocket, or choose to wear it around their neck, it’ll be a symbol that they can continue to overcome challenges.

Challenge coin that says “Without Comm/Nav No Sweeps Bleeps Or Creeps” on the front and “We Are Comm/Nav We Are Better Than You”

Show You Care

It’s rare for businesses to offer any sort of reward and recognition program to its employees. Stand out above the rest and show you truly care with personalized coins created just for your teams. These coins can unite your employees (even throughout remote locations) and will show just how much they’re valued. As an extra bonus, staff members will be more motivated to perform at high levels if they have a rewarding incentive.


Workplace culture is only successful when everyone feels part of the team and like they have a purpose. Remind your team of their purpose at your company with custom coins from Challenge Coin Nation. Contact us to learn more or to start customizing your coins today!

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