What is a Challenge Coin?

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A challenge coin is just like a medallion and a small custom-made coin that is usually carried by the members of an organization and is used as a token or symbol of that organization.


Conventionally, these coins are given to the members to enhance their morale and to prove their membership within an organization. Members are not given the coins but they earned themselves. It is a common practice in the military to provide challenge coins to the commanders as a sign of companionship. Not only this, but it is a way to show their faithfulness and obedience in a challenging situation. 

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Sheriff Offices Challenge Coins 


A sheriff’s department or office is responsible for providing law enforcement services, peace, and protection to the citizens living in a country. The largest sheriff department of the U.S is “The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department” where 18,000 employees work together. 


Challenge coins are given to the sheriff officers in order to appreciate their bravery, honor, dedication, and camaraderie. Moreover, these coins also promote gratitude, sense of acceptance and boost accomplishment within different sheriff ranks. 


When sheriff officers are given challenge coins in order to acknowledge and admire their hard work and honor, they feel motivated and encouraged.


State Police Challenge Coins  


State police officers are responsible for providing protection and security to the state capital and they provide their services in highway patrolling and also enforce laws on highways. 


State police challenge coins are the best way to inculcate the sense of unity and companionship among police officers within a state. These coins are earned by the members when they work with dedication, show courage and provide outstanding services to the department. 


Some of them are custom made and they are given to the senior members for their promotion, retirement, or after achieving some specific departmental milestones. 


Nowadays, these challenge coins in law enforcement departments are so popular that they are also being created by some cities in order to reward their men and women for their hard work. 


These coins have evolved in their size and designs over time and now they are available in various designs and shapes. To reward officers in the police department, these challenge coins are the best affordable way to enhance camaraderie and unity. 


Why Do You Need Challenge Coins?


Challenge Coins are a great way to showcase solidarity within a single group or organization. We, at Challenge Coin Nation, have created great Sheriff Office Coins as well as State Police Coins. 


These specific coins aim to develop unity within the unit. It is a great way to determine each and every individual’s participation and importance in the sheriff's office and the state police. 


Though there are numerous challenge coin designs we have created, you can have your very sheriff coin and state police coin made. We aim to create what you envision, send us your design, and get the best quality challenge coin. 





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