What can you use Custom Challenge Coins for? (bottle opener)

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 Challenge coins are one of the most versatile custom-designed keepsakes you can create and purchase. Some coins are two-dimensional, some are three-dimensional and some are even functional - like a challenge coin bottle opener.


What does a challenge coin bottle opener look like?

Challenge coins that are created to be custom bottle openers are similar in design to a regular 2D challenge coin. Typically they will have a fairly flush surface and the same level throughout the face of the coin. However, with a good bit of creativity, some designs may lend themselves to being able to alter the height and add textures to the coin with a 3d design.

Are there different kinds of challenge coin bottle openers?

There are two main kinds of designs when it comes to these types of functional coins. You can have an internal and external bottle opener challenge coin.

Internal bottle opener challenge coins

When we are referring to an internal bottle opener challenge coin, we're referring to a shape with a cutout that functions as the bottle opener piece. These types of challenge coins can be in a variety of shapes and sizes including the traditional round, dog tags, states, emblems, or any other shape you can add a cutout to.

External bottle opener challenge coins

If you are looking for a challenge coin that is a little more unique to you then you might want to look into having an external challenge coin bottle opener created. With an external design, the bottle opener portion is located on the outside edge of the coin. Keeping this in mind you can get pretty creative when it comes to the overall theme of your coin. You'll just need to ensure that there is an edge that can be notched out to make a functional bottle opener. 

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What to keep in mind when you're designing a challenge coin bottle opener.

The process is pretty similar to designing a 2d or 3d challenge coin, however, with a bottle opener challenge coin you'll want to keep in mind that you'll have a cutout of sorts. This cutout is either going to be located on the inside (internal) of the coin or along the outside edge (external). Having a cutout will change the landscape of your design and any possible text that you'll want to include on the surface, you'll want to take the gaps into account to ensure the perfect design is created for you. 


Adding color to your custom bottle opener challenge coin will be another element in your design. Understanding the recessed areas of your coin is going to be important when you are picking the color scheme.


Deciding on whether your design will be on one side or both sides of your coin is another factor to consider. You might have different surface areas to work with depending on the size of your coin, the cutout, and also the placement of the bottle opener itself. 


Taking care and taking your time when designing your custom challenge coin bottle opener will ensure you have a keepsake to treasure for many years to come!

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