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Military jargon can be as confusing as it is numerous. The sheer number of terms that only someone in the military would understand could fill up a code book. Of all the terms, one of the least understood to those outside of military service is the blue falcon.

Since falcons are not blue in color, the term is going to be lost on people outside the US military. But for those within the service, it is a term that is not complimentary in nature. However, that does not mean a US Army Blue Falcon coin cannot be created to exemplify this term for those who may have earned it. Or at least as a good inside joke.

What is a Blue Falcon?

This is a term used for someone who is letting another person take the heat for the mistake that they made. Those who are blue falcons have the reputation of being snitches and getting others in trouble, even if they played a role in doing it themselves.

A good example is when someone has done something that no one else has seen, such as leave a mess behind which they should’ve cleaned up. Instead of taking responsibility, they either blame someone else or do not speak up when another person is accused of committing the act. For the most part, the acts of a blue falcon are not detrimental to someone’s military career. But being stuck with the moniker is not desired, either.

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So famous is the slogan in the US military that it is often used as a joke. Quite often, a service member may be referred to as a blue falcon in jest, usually for something minor they may have done which is not snitching or avoiding responsibility, but instead a light offense that gets this type of response. For those who understand the term, the blue falcon coin has been created.

The Blue Falcon Coin

The coin along with the patch is an excellent way to joke with a fellow service member or veteran who understands what the term means. As a gag gift, this one is sure to delight those who receive them. And do not be surprised if they purchase their own coin or patch to give to someone else.

This coin makes for an excellent stand-alone gift, especially when presented in front of friends and family. Or it can be used as part of another, more expensive gift for your friend or family member who is serving in the military. For those inside the military, this makes for an excellent gag gift and a great way to make a moment so memorable.

If you are looking to play a joke on a fellow servicemember or veteran, the US Army Blue Falcon coin or patch makes for a great gift. Both the coin and patch are crafted from high-quality materials and designed to last for a long time. The smirking falcon on the front will let them know of your light-hearted jest which is sure to provide a good laugh. Contact us today and find out more about how you can order a blue falcon coin or patch.


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