US Army: 11B Infantryman
Eleven Bravo (11B) is the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) for the storied US Army Infantryman. Infantrymen are the backbone of the United States Military, dating back to the American Revolution and continuing to the present day. Although the role has...
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Ever hear the term “Three Percenter” or see a “Three Percenter” tattoo and wonder what it means? The concept was created in 2008 after a disputed claim that only three percent of American colonists fought in the Revolutionary War against...
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Ranger Up
To serve in the military, it’s an understatement to say your physical and mental toughness are put to the ultimate test. A “no quitting” attitude is engrained in your mind and giving up is never an option. When you are...
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Image showing the difference in color between Ranger Green and OD Green,
Ranger Green vs. OD Green Challenge Coin Nation carries stock challenge coins or we can help you design your own custom military coin. Here is an example of a hand grenade shaped coin we made for The Havok Journal. Quotes and revisions...
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