The US Military's POW & MIA History
POW - Prisoner of War Those who serve in the United States military are true American heroes. They risk their lives so that Americans can continue to enjoy their freedom. But war is a messy abomination. Men and women are...
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US Military's OCP Jacket
What is The U.S. Military's OCP Jacket? The acronym OCP stands for Operational Camouflage Pattern. OCP jackets are the official clothing for military personnel serving both as a uniform and disguise, especially during combat. In April 2015, the Army Chief...
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US Military: Marines vs Army
The U.S. Army and Marine Corps are both service branches of the United States Armed Forces. Both service branches offer the same employment opportunities in the infantry, armor, aviation, and administration sections except for the medical field. Unlike the U.S....
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US Army: 68W Combat Medic
68 Whiskey MOS is a use of a OTAN phonetic alphabet for the specialty of military occupations corresponding to the United States Army, and which refers to the Combat Medic, among its responsibilities is to provide emergency medical treatment to...
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US Army: 12B Combat Engineers
Since almost the beginning of humanity, when it has been thought about combat, there has been the need for a part of the forces that were involved in these, to be able to facilitate the work for the attack and...
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