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While many people associate challenge coins with the military, they are also a large part of the law enforcement community. Police challenge coins can mean many things. From military police to K9 units, sheriff, or something more specific, challenge coins are a proud part of the police profession.

We offer a wide range of police challenge coins in our online catalog. Plus, we can create unique challenge coins for your police unit, personnel, or associated organization. With the many different types of challenge coins available, it only pays to start with the one most people associate with law enforcement and that is the military police.

Military Police Challenge Coins

While the military and police have their own separate challenge coins, there are also challenge coins available for those who serve or served as military police or MPs. This only makes sense for those who serve their country by upholding the laws, rules, and regulations of the military. For those who help keep order and protect both military and civilian personnel, a MP challenge coin is one that is highly prized by those who keep us safe.

Sheriff Challenge Coins

This is a popular challenge coin. Not only for the men and women who serve in the sheriff’s department. But also, for the community that is being served. The sheriff’s department is the perfect place for having a challenge coin as it rewards valuable service, can be used to boost morale, and raise awareness when given to the community.

Custom Police Challenge Coins

There are many custom police challenge coins available that can be used for personal or organizational use. Some of the more popular include the following.

NYPD Challenge Coins: Perhaps because so many TV shows center on the NYPD, this challenge coin is one of the most popular that focus on the police. You may be surprised at how many people have asked for this type of challenge coin and we have them available for you.

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K9 Challenge Coins: This is the source of some of the coolest custom police challenge coins. For those who want their police dogs represented, simply provide the proper images and they can be created. The K9 unit offers invaluable service to the community and the custom police challenge coins that reflect the bravery and determination of our four-legged friends are here for you.

Phoenix Police Challenge Coins: Next to the NYPD, the Phoenix Police challenge coins are some of the most popular that we offer. The people of Arizona take pride in their police departments with Phoenix being arguably the most popular of them all. It seems that the people of this great state cannot get enough of these coins.

Thin Blue Line Challenge Coins

Over the past few years, we have seen a huge increase in popularity with these coins. People around the country want to show their support for the men and women in blue. And the Thin Line Challenge coins offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your appreciation for those who protect our communities.

We offer a wide range of police challenge coins. Or you can custom order the challenge coins you want for your organization. We are here

to serve you.   

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