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The coins at Challenge Coin Nation are made with great precision and the quality is at the top of their game. We curate the best company-made and custom-made Challenge for Coins all over the world.

The POW-MIA Challenge Coin

Retailing at about $12.99, the POW-MIA Challenge Coin is the most adored and bought coin. The coin itself pays homage to the soldiers in the army and their contribution to serving the nation.


The soldiers of the US Army who have lost their lives or have gone missing are not be forgotten. This Challenge Coin reaches out to those lost soldiers and stands with them in solidarity. The coin acts as a motivator, a statement that despite having reached their destination, the soldiers of today have not forgotten the soldiers of yesterday.


The design of the POW-MIA Challenge Coin represents two rifles intercrossing to form an X shape. “Bring Them Home or Send Us Back”, is engraved on the exterior of the coin with a soldier’s silver silhouette at the center. This coin makes a clear and definite statement.


Another design of the Coin has some slight changes. At the center of the coin, lies a gold embossed eagle and the quote reads “All Game Some, Some Gave All”


relevant couple tags of respective article

The material of the POW-MIA Coin is beautiful and is extremely durable. The coin is made from polished silver and a sleek black nickel. It best represents and is used by military personals with the military ribbon engraved on it. The design gives a 3D effect and is intricately detailed to ensure that the main essence of the coin is captured.

Custom-made Challenge Coins

Our goal is to create and supply Challenge coins that would please the customers. For a more variety of options, we at Challenge Coin Nation, have developed central ideas that you can use to make your design.


Here is how it works.


On our website, the Make A Custom Product is highlighted in red. Upon clicking that, you are introduced to a chart from which you can view the coin size and the quantities you desire.


You are then expected to enter in your Contact Information such as your email address, name, and phone number. Where you can buy your designs, if you are serving a company you can mention it as well.


After your details are mentioned, you are expected to specify the design you want and what type of order you want to place. You have the option to choose from Challenge Coins, Patches, Lapel Pins, etc. The size, color, type, edge work, plating, and similar intricate queries need to be answered.


Lastly, you will upload the design you want, mention the quantity, and when you need them to buy.


The custom order would be placed and you would receive the item in no time. Challenge Coin Nation ships worldwide. However, if you reside outside of the United States, you would need to prepare beforehand.




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