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Fallout, a game we all love and adore. We spent all the time and energy playing Fallout games with such fervency. Some of the best memories made with our loved ones whilst immersing ourselves in this suspense-filled game. The post-apocalyptic game with its ingrained decision-making and strategies has been a favorite with a lot of people all over the globe.


At Challenge Coin Nation, we have created patches that celebrate and represent the time Fallout was at its peak. The Fallout-inspired patches we have created came with love and memories that many people share whilst they played this video game. To commemorate the time video games became a great way to reconnect with people, these patches reach out to those simpler times. These patches are designed with precision and are extremely vibrant to look at.

The Space Force Fallout PVC Patch

The Design

The circular design of this small patch contains very detailed items. The image shows a scene from outer space with a spacecraft launching over the Earth. The stars are made to show that the aircraft is simmering in outer space. In the forefront is the Fallout mascot in an astronaut suit with the American flag plastered on the shoulder. White upon black is engraved ‘Space Force’


The Size

The Fallout Space Force Morale Patch is a beauty to look at. It is a 3-inch round-shaped Morale Patch that can be easily attached to your desired item. The Velcro build keeps the items intact. The design is 3D and is made with extra attention to detail.


relevant couple tags of respective article

The Variety

The Space Force PVC Fallout Morale Patch comes in two different versions. The original one is filled with vivid colors. The OCP one is a combination of black, white, and grey. However, the price for both these versions remains the same.

Paradise Fallout-themed Morale Patch

The Design

Another Fallout-themed Morale Patch design is the Military Paradise PVC. The design has the Fallout mascot in front of an institute with the American flag in the air. The mascot is wearing a green uniform to represent his affiliation with the US Military. Below in red, white, blue, matching the colors of the flag, is written ‘Another Day in Paradise’


The Size

The Fallout Paradise Military Morale Patch is a very unique design. It is a 3-inch circular Morale Patch with a black border so it suits any item. It is made with Velcro to keep the design intact and it removes any tacky element. The 3D design catches the eye of any passerby.


Custom-made Fallout Morale Patches.


Other than these riveting and eye-catching designs, Challenge Coin Nation can make custom-made and beautiful Fallout Morale Patches for customers. Send the design and you would get your very own adorned Fallout Patch to celebrate your fondest memory with the game.

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