Challenge Coins Shaped Other Than Round

Custom Shaped Challenge Coins

When you think of designing a challenge coin it's ok to think "outside of the box", or in this case outside of the circle. Challenge coins are keepsakes meant to reflect a design or concept that is uniquely you and that is not limited to simply color and text options.

You can have a challenge coin created in a specific shape of your choosing like a wrench or an animal!

What is the difference between a shaped challenge coin and a 2D challenge coin?

The traditional concept of a challenge coin is taking a two-dimensional design and applying it to a circular coin. There can be areas that are carved out or recessed and areas that are flush with the edges of the coin. These recessed areas are then typically filled with enamel paint to bring your creation to life.


When considering a three-dimensional-shaped challenge coin you are opening the doors of creativity and taking the customization options to a whole new level. The shape of the coin for one can be something as unique as a silhouette of a family pet, or even a crest or coat of arms. While the process of adding color to these coins might be a little different, you can rest assured that you will have a piece that is as unique as the meaning behind your design.


Image of a custom challenge coin

Can these 3D shaped challenge coins be functional?

With the addition of a unique concept, your custom-shaped challenge coin can also be functional. Some designs even include the capability of being shaped like a wrench or even a bottle opener. Imagine having  a keepsake that is not only memorable but useful!

Things to consider when designing a 3D shaped challenge coin.

Once you're ready to begin the journey into designing your shaped challenge coin there are a few things to note. Due to the shape, you'll want to ensure you have enough surfaces in your design that can be painted. Taking a look at the raised edges and where the enamel paint will fill is a good idea to get started with.

Another thing to consider, and a pretty important one at that is the actual shape of the coin. How large will the surface area be, what shape are you trying to achieve and if you are utilizing text - will it all fit?

What are some ideas for a challenge coin shaped like something?

Custom-shaped challenge coins can be made for any idea, military branch, or even something that means a lot to you. For example, some people will design coins based on businesses or causes that are important to them. You can design a coin that represents a trade or a skill like a wrench-shaped challenge coin. Another idea is creating a challenge coin in the shape of an animal. There have been coins designed and created as a memorial for a beloved pet.

Custom challenge coins shaped like something unique are the ultimate gift to yourself, or a loved one that can be cherished for generations to come.

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