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So why make a Custom Military Coin? Don’t you want to be remembered forever? They are still digging up coins of Roman Emperors from over 2,000 years ago. Your coin might be dug up in 4020 AD and wind up in the InterGalactic Smithsonian. Imagine that! But seriously, why?


First Sergeant Coin

What value is there in creating your own custom Air Force First Sergeants Challenge Coin? Well certainly there will be more meaning behind it to the recipient since it’s not a generic coin. And think about this for a minute. When someone says, “Hey, the First Shirt needs to see you” it doesn’t usually mean something good has happened. So, if you are a Shirt, why not reward exceptional performance with your own Air Force First Sergeants Challenge Coin?


And since we are talking about rewarding good behavior let’s think about the role of QA Superintendent. Or is it QA Senior Enlisted Leader now? QA always seems to be the bad guys, but wouldn’t a custom Air Force QA Challenge Coin be a great way to spotlight someone who had done an outstanding job and positively reinforce the type of behavior we are looking for in aircraft maintenance?


Chief Master Sergeant Challenge Coin

Next, we move on to Chief Coins. I received a few in my day but most of them were just generic ones made for all the Chiefs to use. Not that I didn’t appreciate the thought but honestly, I can’t remember the names of the people who presented them to me. If you want your recipients to feel special and remember your name in ten years, then some custom CMSgt Challenge Coins with your name on them might be the answer.


And of course, we can’t forget the Command Chiefs who play such an important role in taking care of the troops. Again, there are generic ones but how many people make Command Chief? Surely being the recipient of a custom Command Chief Challenge Coin is a great honor. And don’t forget that the current CMSAF has her own custom challenge coin as well.


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Commander Coin

Lastly we have the Commanders Challenge Coin often produced as the “Presented by the Commander” coin or, “The Commanders Coin of Excellence”. I’ve seen some really amazing coins and some that were generic. The technology exists to create a really unique custom Commanders Challenge Coin that will stand head and shoulders above the rest on a recipients display rack.


When you consider the impact of a custom challenge coin and the relative ease of getting something made that represents your unique leadership style, it only makes sense to get one made. After all, you aren’t generic.


We at Challenge Coin Nation can bring your ideas to life and maybe your coin will still be around in 2,000 years. You never know….


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