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The F-35 Holographic Challenge Coin

We at Challenge Coin Nation aim to create and unleash the best coins that you want. Our famous Challenge Coins are state-of-the-art design and are of top quality. Other than that, we also have greeted many other designed Coins of many different shapes and sizes. 

The F-35 Holographic Challenge Coin

Instead of going the typical route, we have introduced a very new, beautiful, and unique coin design. The F-35 is amazing to look at. It is a great way to showcase your admiration and solidarity with the US Air Force. For enthusiasts and coin collectors alike, this design is a definite thing to grab on. 

The Shape 

The design of this coin is out of the ordinary and is more than just a representative of the brave US Air Force personnel. The coin is shaped like an actual f-35 jet and has great edges added to it. The coin being jet-shaped adds to the respectful view and support that many individuals possess for the United States Air Force. 


The design on the jet-shaped coin is spectacular and represents all that the US Air Force stands for. Owing to the actual F-35, many of the features have been recreated on a smaller canvas. 


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The Design

The top of the coin gives a 3-D look with the F-35 wings. The coin is engraved with designs and lines that are found on that of a much larger F-35. Special attention to detail has been placed to capture the actual design on the Air Craft. The bottom of this coin has an amazing holographic design. The two holographic images installed are that of the American flag and the F-35 Lightning logo. The two images on the back overlap each other and are perfectly fused to represent a singular idea. 

The Build

The US Air Force F-35 Jet-Shaped Coin is made with Silver Plating to ensure that it remains intact. Rust-free and the sturdy exterior keeps the coin in its original form for years on end. The 2.5-inch coin is shaped to fit in your hand and can be easily carried or placed anywhere you want. 

What makes this coin special is not just the homage it pays to the US Air Force and their exemplary work via the F-35. It is also the unique and different shape of the coin that makes the product catchy and reliable. Grab onto this coin and have your own miniature version of the F-35 Lightning II in your pocket. 

The F-15 3D Challenge Coin

Our next very adorned and unique style challenge coin is the F-15. Though it cannot compare with the holographic material and detailed top of the F-35, the beauty of this coin resonates as well. 

The shape of this coin is similar to that of an F-15 and is made from Zinc alloy. It has silver plating on top. This concoction does not ruin the overall finish of the coin and makes it much more durable. 

The top of the F-15 challenge coin replicates the F-15 and has the same design carefully detailed upon it. Similar to the F-35 challenge coin, this coin also captures the American flag on the underside of the coin. This flag is a reminder of the great service the American Air Force has done. However, the coin is not holographic. 

The A-10 Challenge Coin

The A-10 challenge coin captures the true essence and represents the US Air Force. This challenge coin is sturdy and is designed with care and precision.

The shape of this challenge coin is similar to A-10. It has a very clean finish of silver plating on top. The addition of silver plating reduces the chances of any rust or similar debris appearing on the coin. 

The A-10 coin capture the design of an actual A-10. The wings, designs, and details on the A-10 aircraft are also imprinted on the challenge coin. The American flag has been placed on the bottom of the challenge coin with the name of the aircraft ‘A-10’ ingrained on it. 

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