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hallenge Coins being given to show appreciation to employees and customers

 Sharing a Message

Everyone has a lot to say and, there are so many ways to convey your thoughts and messages. We use cell phones, computers, social media, text messages, and some still write letters to friends and loved ones. A unique way to share your message is with a challenge coin.

2D Challenge Coins

2D challenge coins can make for a great point when it comes to conveying your message. Typically a standard 2D challenge coin will offer you a flush and ample surface where you can add your text. When you're designing your 2D challenge coin, keep in mind the areas or negative spaces that you will add color to around your text to make it pop. Don't forget you can also add text to the other side of your coin too!

3D Challenge Coins

If what you're trying to convey includes a shape or logo a 3D challenge coin might be the perfect medium for your message. When you are designing your three-dimensional coin, make sure you note how much text you'll be utilizing to ensure you can fit it on your surface. Take special care if you are using any cutouts as well. Another thing to consider when creating a 3D challenge coin for your message is the areas you'll want to add color to. 


Custom military coin

Challenge Coins Shaped Like Custom Objects

Some 3D challenge coins can be shaped like objects. You can get even more creative and design a challenge coin that is functional with your unique messaging on it. A good example is engineering a challenge coin that also functions as a bottle opener. Not only will your coin share your message, but it will also be functional as well.

What Can You Share on a Challenge Coin?

Promoting a Company

If you have brand loyalty, why not show it using a challenge coin? Creating a coin that supports a company or brand you care about might be a great way to introduce others to your interests. 

Honoring a Friend or Family Member

One of the most heartfelt reasons to share a message on a challenge coin is honoring someone who was close to you. Not only are you adding a keepsake to your collection, but you are also adding a memory you can actually hold onto for many years to come.

Sharing a Worthy Cause

Another way to spread the word about worthy causes is to create a challenge coin that will represent a strong message. You can be as creative as you'd like when designing a challenge coin to raise awareness for something you care a lot about.

Sending the Right Message

A challenge coin can be an extremely significant way to deliver a message, tell a story, or even share important information about a meaningful cause. Start your journey into designing a piece that you can be proud to share. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you want your coin to look and feel - your message will be one to remember!

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