Challenge Coins - A great way for military recruiters to express service values

Challenge Coins are great for military recruiters



Challenge Coins are a Great Recruitment Tool

There are six branches of the United States Military. Each branch is responsible for ensuring they are doing their due diligence in explaining the benefits of a rewarding career to prospective recruits. Many military offices have what is known as a Military Recruiter working toward the goal of onboarding new members of their branch. These brave young men and women have a very important job when it comes to properly inform those who may be interested in joining. Challenge coins can be used by recruiters to drive home and express the values of their branch in a very unique and quite memorable way.


What is a Military Recruiter?

Recruiters are primarily responsible for partnering and communicating with schools, local job referral agencies, etc. to find and educate those interested in pursuing a career with one of the military branches. Recruiters tend to use job boards, social media, word of mouth, and foot traffic for marketing while reaching possible candidates. Once a recruiter has an appointment with a candidate they will explain the beliefs, values, process, and career paths for their branch. Challenge coins make a great addition to the recruitment process and can be a great conversational piece during an interview.


How Challenge Coins Can Help Military Recruiters

Challenge coins are designed to represent something of significance to you and can be a great way for military recruiters to show off values and ideals to applicants. Recruiters can create challenge coins that are shaped like the symbols for specific military branches, or they can even include mottos, sayings, or parts of speeches from affluent officers on their coins. There are so many ways to customize these great memorable pieces so they can be utilized as an added great resource during the military recruitment process.


Military custom challenge coins for recruiters

Military Recruiter Challenge Coin options?

Challenge coins can come in many different sizes and shapes, they are broken up into 2D or 3D categories. With a 2D challenge coin, recruiters can design a coin that will have even recessed areas that would be ideal for filling in with enamel paint. There is also the option of adding quite a bit of text to the mostly even surfaces of 2D coins. Another viable option for a military coin is a 3D version, these coins can be customized to shapes or symbols that are significant to specific branches. Keep in mind when selecting the type of coin for a military branch, you'll want to have an idea of what kind of message you'd like to display and which design will work best for your vision.

Challenge Coins Delivering Important Messages

Military recruiters have such an important job in possibly shaping someone's future. Potential candidates may feel overwhelmed or anxious before their appointment, but there will be someone with many years of knowledge to answer all of their questions. Recruiters can use challenge coins as another way to break the ice toward one of the most important conversations in someone's life so that they can explain the values of their branch. 

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