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The United States Air Force currently operates three strategic bombers as part of its fleet. The B-2 Spirit, the B-52 Stratofortress, and the B-1 Lancer. Of the three, the B-1 Lancer is arguably not the most celebrated, but it does have a special place in the hearts of those who have flown this bomber and those who have admired its design and capabilities.

You can celebrate the B-1 bomber by purchasing a remarkable American flag that has a silhouette of the Lancer imposed on the surface. This remarkable flag makes the perfect gift for those who love the Lancer and those who have a keen interest in US military aircraft.


The B-1 was first conceived in the 1960s as a cross between the payload of the B-52 combined with the speed of the B-58 Hustler. The result was a remarkable design that used variable sweep wing technology. At lower speeds, the wings stick straight out for maximum lift and maneuverability. While at supersonic speeds the wings fold back to allow for maximum performance.

Production began in 1973 with the B-1A bombers being produced. The program was cancelled because of the development of the cruise missile which had similar capabilities at a far less expensive price. However, the B-1 program was restarted in 1981 due to delays in the development of the B-2. The result was 100 B-1B bombers being manufactured that had superior capabilities compared to the original B-1A

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The B-1B has a maximum flight speed of just over Mach 1.25, considerably less than the B-1A. However, its improved airframe and payload capacity along with electronic countermeasures makes it one of the most potent bombers in the world. There are currently 62 B-1Bs serving in the US Air Force at this time. 

B-1 Bomber American Flag

You can celebrate the history and the glamour that is the B-1 bomber with your own American flag that has this remarkable plane superimposed on the surface. It makes for a wonderful gift to those who have admired the B-1 throughout its career.

In addition, the design itself is quite stunning, offering a modern design that highlights the B-1 while still bringing out the beauty of the American flag. The flag itself is 36” x 60” and crafted from 100% polyester knit. It is a one-side semitransparent print that is designed primarily for indoor use.  

The flag also has grommets so it can be mounted on a wall or even on a flagpole if you desire.  It’s a great gift for those who have served in the US military and flown or worked on the plane and for kids and adults alike who have always admired the B-1 and its remarkable history, performance, and sleek design.

The B-1B will be replaced by the B-21 Raider over the course of the next decade. However, the bomber has served admirably in combat operations over Afghanistan and Iraq, making it a valued member of the US military and admired by military and aircraft enthusiasts around the world. You can now own a piece of that history when you order the B-1 American flag.

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