Air Force Morale Patches

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We, at Challenge Coin Nation, have curated and revealed numerous patches. The patches sold have exclusive designs and are made from the best material. The quality of these patches is unquestionably the best. They are made with care and utmost precision to ensure that the customer gets the best of the best.


Patches are usually attached to pieces of clothing and are made with tight wires. These tight wires are stitched together and usually are engraved with 3D designs that you can choose. These patches can be associated with a business, a team you support, and even a flag.

Air Force Morale Patches


To demonstrate solidarity and compassion with the US Air Force, we have created amazing patch designs. All made with the best quality, the patches are created with the passion of the US Air Force.


Where we do have our designs, we also make customized designs for clients. Our current designs are state-of-the-art and original.


Imposter Patch — Air Force Version


Our first and perhaps most famous Air Force patch is the Among Us version of it. The design perfectly captures a possible Imposter from the famous Among Us game wearing an Air Force uniform. This Air Force Morale Patch is an amazing leadership patch that can be worn and plastered on top of your desired item easily.


The Graduate CCAF Morale Patch


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Next in line is the beautiful, embroidered, and intricate design for the graduates of CCAF Morale Patch. These are solely created to honor the graduates of the Community College of the Air Force. Its design and make commemorates not only them but anyone who is a great supporter of the institute.


The Thunderbirds Leather Patch


Honoring the 34th Bomb Squadron at the Air Force Base in South Dakota, this patch hones history. The leather exterior and build of the patch demonstrate the time during the first Great War where soldiers would use them as a means of protection. This patch not only demonstrates great patriotic zeal but also honors the time and effort exuded during the Great War.


Top Graduate Patch — CCAF

Where we do have the intricately designed CCAF patch for graduates, our team has curated a top-notch top grad patch as well. This patch acts as an advocate for those who were at the top of their game as well as supports US Air Force Community College.


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Among Us ‘Karen’ the Imposter Patch


Within our Among Us-themed patches, we have also introduced the Karen version. Karen the Imposter Among Us Air Force Patch represents hard-working, determined, and clear-minded individuals. The patch best acts as a way to showcase leadership ideals and who to trust when work needs to be done.


The Air Force Aircraft Maintenance Patch


Where our patches praise the US Air Force, it also represents Aircraft Maintenance. These morale patches are for those who commemorate the military and is a great enthusiast.


Grim Reaper Air Force Morale Patch


This morale patch is made with Velcro and can easily be planted on top of your favorite item. The patch is a reminder of your affiliation and admiration for the US Air Force. It can adorn and beautify any of your items with just a simple stitch.



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