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 USAF Coin History

The history of the US Air Force goes back before it became an independent organization after World War II. Even when it was the Army Air Corps, serving in the organization was a source of pride for everyone from pilots to mechanics to the ground crews, security, and so much more.

Today, you can celebrate the pride of serving in this remarkable institution by purchasing Air Force challenge coins for your group or organization. Air Force coins are not only great they have a strong military history that dates back for many generations. The same type of coins used to inspire soldiers in the Roman Army can motivate those in your Air Force unit or organization today.

Getting Coined in the Air Force

Getting coined generally means doing something good, such as completing a large project over time or for a one-time event such as showing Chief Cody your aircraft. Whatever the reason, the challenge coin not only rewards accomplishment, it also is a source of pride for those who serve in the Air Force.

Having challenge coins available means that you can motivate personnel when they are working on different tasks, setting higher goals for greater accomplishments, or providing a source of pride for them to carry for the rest of their lives.

Challenge coins are more than simple rewards, they boost morale and provide a focal point for those to make the most out of their abilities. That’s why challenge coins have been so successful for many centuries in motivating those to do their best.

USAF Challenge Coin

We currently sell Air Force stock coins such as the B-52 Challenge. We also sell other aircraft-shaped coins for your needs as well. We offer a wide range of stock challenge coins for the Air Force that feature a number of different planes or designs.

Sample USAF coin

And if we do not have one that meets your needs, we can make your idea a reality with our custom challenge coin. Start by contacting us today and letting us know the basic design, size of coin, and the number you want so we can provide you with a free estimate.

If the estimate fits your budget, then we can get started by taking your designs and making them into reality. This means we work with you step by step to ensure that the final design is one that reflects the information that you have provided to us. And the result is a unique Air Force challenge coin that you and members of your unit or organization can take pride in owning.

We ask that you check out our online catalog first of existing USAF Challenge Coins. We know you will be impressed with the number of designs and high quality of our work. If you find what you need, then you can order directly from our website. If you are looking for something special, then we can help you design a unique USAF Challenge Coin that meets your needs while exceeding your expectations in terms of quality.

About Challenge Coin Nation

We at Challenge Coin Nation are a veteran founded company and are honored to be able to continue serving our brothers and sisters in arms all over the world. We sell many different military themed items, but challenge coins are our specialty. Check out some of our items below. Oh, and you might ask, “How much is shipping?” That’s an easy question. Shipping is free – worldwide!

Air Force Nation Collection 

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