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Brass Belt Buckles

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FDNY Belt Buckle

A FDNY Firefighter Belt Buckle is a piece of equipment that is worn on the belt of FDNY Uniform with the other items, such as the flashlight and radio. The FDNY Firefighter Belt Buckles are custom made from steel, with gold plating, and can only be purchased from the City of New York. The price for one buckle ranges from $325 to $415 and it can take up to six weeks for delivery.

Custom made New York Fire Department belt buckle produced by Challenge Coin Nation.
Fire Department belt buckle with crossed axes for New York Fire Department as made by Callenge coin nation
US Military
Navy Belt Buckle

Navy Belt Buckles are a great way to show your patriotism and support for the military. These buckles typically feature the American Flag and the letters "USN" or "USA." Navy belt buckles are made with strong metal, which means they can be used in any environment. This is perfect for those who work in hazardous conditions such as construction sites. For those who wish to show their patriotism without wearing an entire uniform, a navy belt buckle is perfect because it goes well with any outfit. A navy belt buckle is a great way to show your love of America and support our troops!