Your Mom Sends Me Care Packages

Your Mom Sends Me Care Packages

As a private in the military being away from my family is hard. I miss coming home from a long day of work to be greeted by my mother’s freshly cooked dinner. Sitting down and having and having a decent conversation about life and how the day went. Now that I’m a private the only thing I’m greeted by is the smell of MREs. Although this is convenient, I haven’t gotten used to the taste as of yet. 

Everyone knows me to be a family man and I’m constantly getting care packages from my mother and family. I find it sweet to read a card from my mom and to see what she puts inside the package. With my comrades, I have gotten very close to them to the point where I consider them to be my family as well. We have all started to share intimate information about our lives back home. As we all get to know each other more during our time in the military everyone notices that my mother keeps sending me care packages.  

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It became a joke where my comrades would tell me that my mother sent them a care package and they would be reluctant to tell me what they got. Of course, I knew it wasn’t true, but I just played along and kept laughing. 

 It wasn’t long until I heard everyone around camp start telling me your mom sent me a care package. As the joke became widespread, I got tired of laughing and grew annoyed every time someone would say that. I would want to punch someone in the face because they don’t know my mom and they would start to say that my mom sends me explicit content. I’ve almost had it, but I kept going on about my day because at the end of the day this is only a joke. 

This saying has become normal to say when you are trying to either get a laugh or a reaction from your teammate. With everyone saying the phrase I thought to myself if I can’t beat them, I’m going to join them. I soon walked to the room where my teammates and I would sleep, and I was going to wait for the right moment to say it to my teammate that has been teasing me for months about this. 

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He didn’t get many care packages but once he did, he opened it and I told him that I also got a care package from your mom. Everyone then laughed and so did I, but I became silent with a punch to the face from my comrade. I then woke up with him and everyone else laughing, I got up and laughed with them.  

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