What Is The U. S. Air Force Leave Web?

U. S. Air Force Leave Web



If you are in the U.S. Air Force, then you are probably familiar with Leaveweb. It is one of the most important portals that you will need to understand. Leaveweb is important to U.S. Air Force members because it authorizes military leave, displays when your leave starts and stops, holds contact information for each member of the Air Force, certifies leave days and stores emergency contact information. Leaveweb must always contain the most up to date information for every Air Force member, from soldiers, to officers and every worker. Active Air Force members earn 2.5 days per month for up to 30 days annually. Leaveweb calculates these leave hours based upon time served and allows each member to log in for keeping up with their individual leave. Others working with the soldier also use this because it gives emergency contacts should a soldier get hurt or killed and the U.S. Air Force needs to contact a loved one.

Leaveweb is the first source of information for a soldier in determining when he may take his military leave and possibly go home to see his family and loved ones. There are some officers who have been in the U.S. Air Force for many years and have a minimum of more than 120 days of leave ae allowed to sell back their leave of 30 days in excess of 120 days. Leaveweb calculates all of this and tells you an up to date total of how much leave you have in real time. This is important because members of the U.S. Air Force often work out their leave amongst each other to make sure that there are enough soldiers on location in case of imminent threat.

U. S. Air Force Leave Web

Leaveweb can show you how your benefits affect you and what you are able to take according to your military service. A higher ranking officer will obviously have more military leave time than a soldier who has only been there for a few years. Leaveweb uses this rank and time in authorizing military leave. It is also used in determining the length of your leave and when it will start and stop. Leaveweb also shows special accrual which is for those working in an imminent danger pay area. These members can carry up to 120 days over to the next year. These include 60 days of ordinary leave and 60 days of SLA.

Leaveweb is accessible through the Air Force portal or through an outside environment if you have a Common Access Card Reader. Only those within the U.S. Force can access this private portal. Issues that cannot be resolved by the finance department within the Air Force, are directed to Leaveweb through the AFAOC helpdesk. According to the up to date leave of absence from the Air Force, a soldier can only take one emergency leave for his entire career, which can be up to 2 consecutive weeks. Leaveweb authorizes this leave and is therefore the most important portal for you to know. Leaveweb is the U.S. Air Force portal that keeps your information secure and gives you a place to see your authorized military leave throughout your entire military career.

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