What is the Military's ASVAB Score?

What is the Military's ASVAB Score?

The ASVAB is a highly regarded vocational skill's verification test for entry into the U.S. Armed Forces, developed by the Department of Defense, which has been evaluated and reviewed multiple times.

The goal of the test is to measure the potential and strengths of successful training in military life. The test is timed and administered at more than 14,000 schools and MEPS entry stations across the country and requires an ASVAB Score from each force to pass.

Minimum Required ASVAB Scores for All Military Branches

 Normally a test for high school students, they are taken when they are in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades, and can also be taken by people who are not students in these grades but who have the eligibility characteristic for military enlistment

When taking this test, the participant must take into account certain aspects in order to obtain a good score and achieve a satisfactory grade that will allow him/her to enlist.

What is the ASVAB test like?

 According to the place where the test is presented, it can be a paper and pencil evaluation, or it can be a computerized test, the same depending on the questions they contain, are presented in different terms.

When it comes to enlistments, these tests are administered at the Armed Forces entry processing centers, and are performed only for the purpose of recruitment.

Another version of the application is the ASVAB CEP, which is a Career Exploration Program, and is administered at the high school level, at community colleges, at on-the-job training centers and at correctional facilities.

When the paper and pencil option is taken, it is done in a test site for military entrance, it is a version with some different characteristics than the computerized test, the sections are controlled by chronometer, and it consists of:

  •  General science, time 11 minutes
  •  Word knowledge, time 11 minutes
  • Assembly of objects, time 15 minutes
  • Information about cars and stores, 11 minutes
  • Arithmetic reasoning, 36 minutes
  • Mechanical understanding, 19 minutes
  • Paragraph Comprehension, 13 minutes
  • Electronics information, 9 minutes
  • Mathematical knowledge, 24 minutes

Each one of these sections has the purpose of evaluating the participant's knowledge integrally, helping him/her to investigate for which branch of the Armed Forces is suitable.

In case you want to achieve a higher score than the one achieved, you have the opportunity to be eligible to take the test again, seeking to obtain a higher ASVAB Score

The computerized ASVAB are presented at stations for military input processing, and are performed through computers. The sections of the test are also timed and vary in the time allowed for resolution of each section from the previous one.

In the case that the test is for enlistment, the applicant must contact one of the persons in charge of recruitment to reserve the date and time for the test presentation. The test will be self-directed and will be done through computer, and can also be done again 30 days after the first presentation.

 ASVAB Scores and Army Jobs | Military.com

In addition to the individual ASVAB Scores, scores are received from the Armed Forces test, which is called the AFQT. These scores are calculated by applying four assessments in arithmetic reasoning, mathematical knowledge, reading comprehension and word knowledge.

According to the ASVAB Scores, eligibility for enlistment is established.

How to prepare for the ASVAB presentation

There are a lot of books and study guides that can have great information of the knowledge that is evaluated in this test, as well as infinity of information online about these topics.

You can take practice tests, which are available on the Internet, it is advisable to take them as if you were in the real test, so you can adapt to the times by section with certainty.

A large percentage of the test questions are screening questions which gives the participant about a 25 percent chance of success.

The importance of achieving a satisfactory ASVAB Scores is that by determining the military occupations for which the applicant has skills and the enlistment bonuses he or she will receive, a high ASVAB Scores will provide the possibility of obtaining a specialty job and a good bonus.


  • The ASVAB was first introduced in 1968
  • It was implemented in all branches of the army in 1976
  • A revision was applied in 2002
  • The rank point system was standardized in 2004

In short, if you expect to join a good branch of the military, you should strive for excellent ASVAB Scores.

Written by: RosaCastellanos

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