What exactly is a Dadalorian?

What exactly is a Dadalorian?

What is a dadalorianThe short answer is that there is no short answer since if you're at lost at what even a Mandalorian is, you'll still most likely familiar with the notion through the sharing of either memes and gifs on social media.


It started out with a show, The Mandolorian, a Star Wars spin-off that is now on its second season and available for streaming on Disney Plus. Now, the Mandalorian premiered in March 2020, but it didn't take the show too long to hit a chord with even the most hardcore Star Wars fans. For the two first episodes introduced audiences not only to the eponymous Mandolorian on episode 1, but also to The Child on episode 2. Here is where the Force was felt the strongest, since it was the relationship between the Mandalorian and the child that would really strike a nerve with those watching. Right from the moment when we peer over the crib and spot that alien wrinkled face with those big black eyes, barely 50 years old and yet already capable of such deadly cuteness. Naturally, the seemingly cold-hearted Mandalorian had the same reaction as everyone else in the audience, though he kept his emotions behind his helmet and armor, as he had always done, But both he and the fans knew, from that moment on, that some things must be protected at all costs. From that episode on, dadalorian moments started building up, until finally the fandom couldn't take it anymore and they collectively decided they had to name it, the child, the relationship, everything. Thus they named the child Baby Yoda, as a tribute to a certain other alien creature of the same species that is held also at a precious level by the Star Wars fandom and of course. As for the man previously known as the Mandalorian, the bounty hunter, the man behind the mask, he was aptly named the Dadalorian, because there simply wasn't any room for Dad jokes in the star wars universe before. It is shockingly true, that in that galaxy far far away there is has a dramatic lack of father figures. Mentors, yes. Brotherly companions, sure, but the dads of that particular galaxy were too often estranged or unmentioned or both. There certainly aren't that many displays of fatherly affection in the canon, so maybe that is why this one feels so special. Maybe things have gone too far with a full-on parody of the Mando taking the child out into the park while stormtroopers lurk from behind a nearby tree.

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Maybe there are one too many supercuts of Dadalorian moments of a bounty hunter connecting with a baby alien creature. Maybe calling a podcast the Dadalorian and using it to share star war stories with the kids is actually taking things that one step further, so maybe let fans put it on t-shirts. Let the dads among them wear them. The dadalorian is here and it must be protected, celebrated, if only as a tribute to dads everywhere. That is the way.

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