What Does OML Patches Stand For?

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With my birthday being right around the corner I didn’t wish for what most kids my age wished for. Such as a new toy or a bike or maybe even the new battle pass that Fortnite has. My only birthday wish was for my daddy to return home. I want to feel his arms wrapped around me while he gives me the biggest hug in the world. 


However, sadly he’s been away from me for over 3 years, but mommy tells me to not be sad because daddy is always out there fighting for me and everyone to make them feel safe. When mommy tells me that, I feel so happy although I still miss him, I know he is out there being a hero. 

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I can’t wait to see what daddy sends me as a birthday present. Normally we send letters and other little things to him that we may think he needs like extra I love you cards. When some time passes, we too get some letters as well and my mom and I always go to the living room with our Marine T-shirts that dad bought us, and we read them.


While my birthday was approaching my dad sent us a letter and sent us a selfie of himself in uniform and he looked so cool. I then noticed that my dad was wearing these little images on his uniform. When I asked mom, what are those she told me those are called patches and each of them means something different making them very special. 


I was so mesmerized and thought that instead of asking for a present, I was going to give my dad a present and it was going to be an amazing patch. I didn’t want to tell mom because she would take all the fun out of it and take control of the whole situation. 


So, I did what any other kid would do and ask Google how to make patches. Come to find out they are really hard to make!


I then went on the internet to see if there were any patches that I can buy with the saved-up birthday money that I got from grandma. 


With my luck, I stumbled across challengecoinnation.com and I saw they had plenty of patches to choose from. As I was checking their website, I saw they had OML patches and as I continued to read, it meant options me love patches. This was their promise to their customers that the patches they make will be the best patches you will have.

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Finally, I found the right place to buy my dad a patch, and the best part was that I was able to customize the patch how I liked it. When I sent the patch to my dad, I told mom and she was so proud of me. I showed her the website and she told me that daddy would love this website because it a veteran ran website. They started this business because they wanted to provide a great option for someone to turn their idea into something great.


In a couple of days, we got a video call from daddy and I saw him wear it and he told me that he will never take it off. I was so happy to hear that, I can’t wait to see him again.

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