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What Does NEO Tactical Mean

What Does NEO Tactical Mean

Being away on deployment has taken a toll on my family and me. I mean I knew I would miss them but the lonely feeling I get as I lay in bed and just stare up at the flimsy tent my teammates built is too much. However, I am doing this for them, for my country. I want to make my daughter proud of me. When she looks at me, I want her to see me as a hero and not someone who left her.


One of the things almost everyone hates is the NEO tactical or as we say the never-ending orders tactical. It feels like every second there’s a new order to do something else. They say it’s to prepare us and teach us discipline. While I agree with them throwing in a please now and then won’t be the end of the world.

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I talk to my family every chance I get, and I tell my wife the stories of the never-ending orders I was ordered to do. Instead of taking my side, she insists on telling me that she’ll order me around when I get back home. The nerve of this woman, but I would mind hearing her voice in person as she orders me to clean the house and take the trash out. When it’s time to speak with my daughter, thats when the never-ending orders begin.


My daughter believes she is the boss or in my case my commanding general. Although she only gives me one order which is “Daddy I order you to come home.” It breaks my heart every time I have to tell her I can’t. She then understands but not before I have to pay the price of not following her orders. Normally once I deny her order, she orders me to do something silly such as dance like a monkey my puppet. I would do anything to see my princess smile, so I get up and as my squamates watch I dance like a buffoon and she laughs. 

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As the minutes turn to hours, we are constantly getting bombarded with never-ending orders. When I was in the middle of cleaning the latrines a buddy of mine sparked up a quick conversation and I noticed that he was wearing a weird patch on his uniform. I asked him what’s that about and where did he get it. My buddy being the wise-ass he is, he said nonya and as I sis there in confusion he says none of ya business. I told him I’m 35-years-old I don’t have to listen to foolishness. He laughed and told me that he had it customized in 


I was very interested in the website and I got a great idea of ordering a customized patch saying NEO tactical. As I place the order, I loved that I was able to tailor the patch to my liking and I gave my squadmates one each. At least we laugh every time someone asks what NEO tactical means and we tell them it means never-ending orders. 


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