What are Lanyards Used for?

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If you've ever needed to carry something small, keep an ID - or an access card handy, then you've probably used a lanyard before. A lanyard is designed almost like a necklace that you can wear, and it will usually have a clip, ring, or something similar at the bottom to secure your card or small item.


Here are The Top 10 Uses for a Lanyard

  1. Work ID - Most companies, especially ones that are public-facing or in a retail environment will require their employees to have some form of identification. A great way to keep your identity visible at all times is by using a lanyard. These are especially helpful if your ID card also doubles as an access card for navigating your workplace.
  2. School ID - security is a paramount concern when it comes to places of education, and one step that many schools have implemented is identification cards. These are quick ways to ensure the right people are in the right places. A convenient way to display these in a uniform manner is with a lanyard.
  3. Trade shows - One of the venues you'll tend to see many lanyards being used is at tradeshows. You can use them not only for identification purposes but also as a secondary marketing tool. Lanyards can be customized to represent your business or organization and can even be a great conversation starter with the right design!
  4. Traveling - If you have been through an airport or another method of secured public transportation, then you know how important it is to keep your documents secure and within reach. Lanyards make a great travel accessory with being able to place your ID and boarding pass inside so they are easy to find and keep an eye on.
  5. Promotional Materials - Not only is using lanyards themselves a great convenience but they can also be turned into giveaways to spread brand awareness. Lanyards tend to be a more economical item to hand out during events to your potential customers and they are quite useful as well.
  6. Recreation - Whether you're biking, hiking, or even out on a boat a lanyard can make a great way to keep your personal items secure and hands-free. There are various types of water-proof pouches that can be potentially attached to a lanyard to help keep items dry if the weather isn't cooperating. 
  7. Restaurant Workers - Often times at restaurants or bars certain hand-held tools are required very often. It can be extremely convenient to add a bottle-opener or something similar to a lanyard.
  8. Hand Sanitizer - It's important now more than ever to practice good hygiene and the utilization of hand sanitizer is key for that. Instead of misplacing or rummaging through a bag for your sanitizer, you can quickly access it by keeping it on a lanyard. 
  9. Concerts and Festivals - Often times you'll need some proof of purchase when it comes to concerts and festivals, one of the easiest and most fashionable ways to do this is keeping your items on a lanyard.
  10. Cell Phones - Finally, keeping your cell phone on a lanyard might be one of the most convenient and accessible ways for keeping track of it. There are various cases that can potentially be compatible with a lanyard.

Lanyards can become an invaluable convenience, security, and fashion accessory for your next trip, event, conference, or concert. 

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