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Founded in 1948 the VFA 22, is a squadron belonging to the US Navy,

Currently, comprising 220 men and women, it is also made up of 40 officers, based at Lemoore Naval Station in King and Ash Counties in California.


Brief History of VFA 22

Since its foundation, it was called VF63, with headquarters in Norfolk Naval Station in Virginia, as the years went by, in 1956 its name was changed to VA63 attack squadron, and later in July 1959 it was changed again, this time to VFA 22 attack squadron, and they became known as the Fighting Redcocks.

The squadron functions as fighters in the attack, providing with their actions facilities to air attacks in their missions against nearby targets of the opposing forces, perform air bombardments focused on immediate targets, looking for the attack to enemy production sites, minimizing their war capacity.

This squadron also performs important reconnaissance functions, supplying images and important information of the enemy's artillery, providing adequate information to the commanders of troops for the planning of strategies in defense and attack.

 VFA 22 Fighting Redcocks

Aircraft were flown by VFA 22

  • F8F-Bearcat
  • F4U-Corsair
  • F9F-Panther
  • F9F-Cougar
  • FJ4-Fury
  • A4-Skyhawk
  • A7-Corsair II
  • FA18C Hornet
  • FA18E Super-Hornet
  • FA18F Super-Hornet

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VFA 22 facts

  •  This squadron has been active since July 27, 1948
  • Changed name in 1956, 1959 and 1990
  • Between 1950 and 1953 I participated in the Korean conflict
  • Participated in six occasions between 1955 and 1975 in Vietnam, carrying out missions to slow down the transport and supplies of the Vietnamese enemy forces, using naval mines
  • Between the late 1970s and early 1980s, the VFA 22 was deployed in the Pacific and Indian oceans on the USS Kitty-Hawk and won several Battle E's on a continuous basis in the competition cycles between 1980 and 1981.
  • In 1988 onboard the Enterprise, he participated in the destruction of an Iranian flag frigate in the Persian Gulf
  • Onboard the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln in 1993, he participated in the Southern Watch operation in the Persian Gulf
  • During 1993 he also provided air support in Somalia within the framework of the operation called Continue Hope
  • The VF22 squadron in 1998 guided from the Carrier -Air Wing-11 an air attack of the operation known as Desert Fox, which would become the only attack of this kind from that ship, in this operation
  • In 2001, he made attacks from the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson on Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces in Afghanistan
  • Deployed with Carrier- Air Wing- 9, from the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson for eight months provided support in the Pacific Ocean in the War on Terrorism during 2003, an action that the squadron continued in 2004, but this time on board the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan and with Carrier- Air Wing- 14
  • At the beginning of the year 2007, they were deployed in the Ronald Reagan with Carrier-Air Wing- 14 and with FA18E of a seat and FA18F of two being in the transition of airplanes
  • Deployed in mid-2009 on the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan with the Carrier-Air Wing -14 in areas that were the responsibility of the fifth and seventh fleets
  • The squadron in 2010 relocated from Carrier- Air Wing- 14 to Carrier- Air Wing-17 and joined the USS- NIMITZ

Written by: Rosa Castellanos

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