US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan

US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan

USS Ronald Reagan is a U.S. Navy ship, this ship is one of the 10 Nimitz class aircraft carriers that this naval force owns, with nuclear propulsion, the name that this ship carries is an honor to former president Ronald Reagan, and it is the first time that a U.S. Navy ship is assigned the name of a living ex-president, former president Reagan was still alive in 2001 when this aircraft carrier was inaugurated.

The construction of this ship was in charge of Northrop Grumman Newport News and Dry Dock Company, and its cost reached the sum of US$4,500. Its first crew embarked on October 30, 2002, and it entered service on July 12, 2003, an event that took place at Norfolk Naval Station.

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The first commander of the USS Ronald Reagan was Captain J.W. Goodwin, the first order as an active U.S. Navy vessel "Man the ship and bring her to life" was given by former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

This aircraft carrier made its first trip on July 21, 2003, the first port in which this ship docked was Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on November 11 and sailed on November 14, 2003.


General characteristics of the USS Ronald Reagan

  • Displacement 103 000 t at full load Approximate
  • Length, distance between bow and stern maximum 332.8 m
  •  Maximum width: 76.8 m
  • Draught 11.3 m
  • Sensors

 3-D AN/SPS-48E Air Search Radar

   Airborne Search Radar AN/SPS-49(V)5 2-D

Target acquisition radar AN/SPQ-9B

2 Air traffic control radars AN/SPN-46

Air traffic control radar AN/SPN-43B

Landing Aid Radar AN/SPN-41

4 Mk 95 radars

4 guiding systems Mk 91 NSSM

  • Weapon

2 Sea 57

2 RAM RIM-116

3 Phalanx CIWS

  • Propulsion

2 Westinghouse A4W nuclear reactors

4 steam turbines

4 propellers

  • Power 260 000 hp
  • Speed over 30 knots

more than 56 km/h

  • Autonomy 20 years
  • Crew 3200
  • Troops 2480 air group embarked
  • Aircraft 90 planes and helicopters
  • Aircraft equipment 4 catapults
  • 4 elevators
  • Undercover Hangar

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Highlights where the USS Ronald Reagan has participated

  • In May 2004, he began a journey from Norfolk Naval Station, via Cape Horn in South America, to his new North Island Air Force Base in San Diego, California.
  • He crossed the Strait of Magellan in June 2004 and visited the ports of Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso in Chile and Callao in Peru before arriving in San Diego in July of the same year.
  • For his first deployment in operations he sailed from San Diego in January 2006 to support the Iraqi operation Freedom and Enduring Freedom
  • He was awarded the E-medal for battle efficiency on January 2.007
  • The Reagan Strike Group conducted operations to assist in the humanitarian disasters in the Philippines on June 24, 2008, caused by Typhoon Fengshen
  • Starting in 2010, the aircraft carrier was awarded the Safety S medal and the E battle for combat efficiency, the second consecutive award of this type that it received
  • In 2011, he provided support after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that year
  • On March 14, 2011, this ship had to change its position to prevent a column of radioactivity originating from the nuclear accident in Fukushima.
  • The crew of the Reagan, on March 23rd, the operation to decontaminate and remove the remains of radiation that could be in the ship, with washing of the flight deck and all the planes.
  • Japanese Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa, accompanied by U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos, visited the aircraft carrier in April 2011, thanking its crew for assistance in Operation Tomodachi.


USS Abraham Lincoln

It is another aircraft carrier of the same type Nimitz that the Ronald Reagan, but this is the fifth of its kind, being older, was launched in February 1988, is comparable in size, speed and crew capacity that the Ronald Reagan.

This aircraft carrier was assigned to the Pacific in September 1990, and participated in the exercises together with the Argentinean Navy. Its mission in the Pacific ended in May 1991.

This aircraft carrier collaborated with air patrols in combat in Iraq and Kuwait, and supported the UN Operation Southern Watch, and assisted humanitarian operations in Somalia.

Written by: Rosa Castellanos

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