US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise

US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise

The USS Enterprise was one of the eight US Navy ships to carry this name, and the first worldwide to be of the nuclear type, apart from this it was a maritime warship that with its 342 meters in length became the largest of those that entered into service, after the Nimitz class, was the one with the most displacement.

At the beginning, there was a planning of an aircraft carrier similar to the Enterprise, where this ship would be the first of that class. The unexpected rise in the cost of construction materials prevented the development of the project, ending up with the Enterprise as the only one of that class.

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Its design included Terrier missile launchers, however at the time of its launch, it was not thought of, due to the high cost of construction of the ship, it never possessed such missiles, and its defense was based on the RIM7, later two NATO and three Mk15 Phalanx were added.

In its design, steam boilers were replaced by nuclear reactors, so that its size is higher than that of other nuclear aircraft carriers, becoming the largest super-carrier in existence, and therefore, instead of two rudders, it had four.

It had flat panel radars, which in the mid 80s, were replaced by conventional radars.

Newport News was built, its keel was laid in 1958, and it was launched by the wife of the Minister of the Navy, Mrs. W.B. Franke.


Technical Characteristics of the USS Enterprise

  • 73,858 t and 92,325 t displacement at maximum load
  • Length of 342 m
  • Sleeve of 78,4 m
  • 12 m depth
  • Sensors SPS48E
  • Aerial Radar SPS 49
  • Mk 23 Target Radar
  • Three Mk95 radars
  • Navigational aid radar SPN44
  • Two air traffic control radars SPN46
  • Armament
  •  42 cells Sea RAMRIM116
  • 2 Mk29
  • 2 Phalanx
  • Propulsion
  • 8 nuclear reactors WH
  •  4 WH steam turbines
  • 4 propellers
  • Power 280,000 hp
  • Speed 33.6 knots
  • Crew of 3000
  • Aircraft 70 planes,helicopters
  • 4 elevators
  • 4 catapults

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Facts about the USS Enterprise

  • In the month of September 1960, he was thrown into the sea
  • The USS Enterprise was discharged in November 1961
  • Started the inauguration trip in January 1962
  • The USS Enterprise participated in February 62 in the Misted 7 flight
  • -Alongside the aircraft carriers Essex, Independence and Randolph worked on the blockade of Cuba in the so-called missile crisis in October 62
  • Deployed twice in the Mediterranean Sea between 1963 and 1964 participating in the operation called Sea Orbit
  • It was the first nuclear aircraft carrier to enter combat, this occurred on December 2, 1965, when it participated in the conflict with Vietnam
  • Deployed six times in Asia between 1965 and 1972
  • In the war between India and Pakistan in 1971 the Enterprise was taken to the Golf of Bengal
  • In 1974 he received modifications to carry in his F14 fleet
  • It was used by international aid on Mauricio Island, because of the disasters caused by Gervais, a typhoon in this island in 1975
  • For the crisis in Uganda caused by the kidnapping of U.S. citizens, the aircraft carrier was moved to Mombasa in July 1976.
  • It crossed the Suez Canal in April 1986, being the first nuclear vessel to do so
  • Participated with NATO in Bosnia in 1996
  • He relieved the Eisenhower on his missions to the Persian Gulf in 1998, during which time President George Bush was on board
  • He was involved in attacking Iraqi positions in the operation called Desert Fox
  • After the attack on the Twin Towers, in the war against Afghanistan, he provided support for the bombing of Al-Qaeda positions
  • On March 15, 2013, the USS Enterprise is discharged, due to the excessive consumption of the 8 nuclear reactors, becoming also the first nuclear ship to be discharged.

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