F-35 Fighter Jet Cost (Budget)

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The F35 is a supersonic fighter style aircraft, fifth generation, with stealth and stealth characteristics, not to be detected by radars, built by the aerospace companies the American multinational Lockheed Martin, the Northrop Grumman Corporation, the contractor BAE Systems, the Italian Leonardo SPA and the Japanese consortium Mitsubishi for the US Air Force and the US Military.

This aircraft has the capacity to fly at Mach 2, that is to say at 2500 km/h and its F35B version became the first supersonic aircraft capable of making vertical landings. It has the peculiarity of providing the information required by the pilot through a visor on his helmet, with six infrared type cameras installed on the structure of the aircraft, making it easier for the pilot to see through the aircraft.

It is equipped with a variety of weapons including bombs, air missiles and anti-tank missiles. On the left wing there is a cannon.

What is the F 35 Cost?

When the F35 won the competition where Boeing's X32 also participated, it was estimated that the cost for each F35 aircraft was between 89 and 200 million dollars, however these costs were estimated for 2010 for 2443 aircraft,

These estimates varied over time due to revisions made by the Pentagon on the number of aircraft to be acquired and thus costs amounted in 2011 to 207.6 million per aircraft when deciding to hire 32 aircraft, and to this amount would be added the costs for research, development, testing and evaluation, amounting to $304.15 million per aircraft.

The US Air Force for 2019 managed to reduce the figures per aircraft by means of an agreement with the manufacturer Lockheed Martin for the purchase of 478 aircraft, managing to minimize the F 35 Cost with figures of 77.9 million dollars for the F35A, 101.3 million for the F35B and 94.4 million for the F35C, representing an average per aircraft of 91 million dollars.

The delay in the production of these planes over the years could bring the cost per plane to some 450 million dollars,

taking into account the period from the beginning of the design to the delivery of the last plane, which suggests that this project has become the most expensive weapons program in American war history.

To all this we must add the maintenance costs for each aircraft during its useful life, which according to estimates are estimated at approximately 800 million dollars, and this figure could increase if in that time it is required to replace parts in the aircraft, this plane has consumed more money than the entire nuclear arsenal of the United States Armed Forces,

To the point that it has been the source of countless political and military discords, the media have come to call it "the plane that devoured the Pentagon." In light of all this, even President Donald Trump has harshly criticized the plane, claiming that its costs are totally out of control.

One of the components that makes us foresee an increase in maintenance and therefore in the F 35 Cost is the coating of the fuselage with Stealth material, this type of material has a very high cost, and is very sensitive to moisture, rain and friction due to the effect of flight, which causes wear through the time of flight, which means its frequent replacement.

Although the latest generation of this type of material has been used in the F35, its replacement after the flight hours is still necessary, in order to fully exploit the stealth capabilities of this aircraft.

The F35 has offered in a single design a fighter capable and competent to fulfill three different missions for US Air Force, Navy Us and Us Military.

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