US Military F-22 Fighter Plane

US Military F-22 Fighter Plane

As a result of a partnership between the aerobatic manufacturers Boeing and Lockheed Martin in the 90s, a tactical and advanced fighter called the F22 was developed, which was built for the US Military. The latest technology avionics, excellent stealth characteristics and great maneuverability would be the peculiarities that would give it the quality of becoming a U.S. flagship aircraft.

It was on April 9, 1997, when the ceremony was held for the launch of the first F22 aircraft, but it is in 2005 when they enter service winning the Collier Trophy in 2006.

During the second part of the decade of the 2000s the controversies for their high cost and their real necessity, occupied the scene in the environment that was lived after the Cold War, the dissolution of the Soviet Union caused that the new generation of Soviet fighters did not take place, to which, this American fighter was destined to dominate in the air combats.

 For this reason, due to the world crisis in the economy and many pressures from public life, the U.S. Department of Defense took the decision to terminate the production of the planes in April 2009, receiving the last F22 in 2012, and it is in September 2014, when it makes its combat debut in the coordinated attacks with other fighter planes and bombers against the bastions of the Islamic State ISIS in Syria.

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Characteristics of the F 22 Fighter

  • Crew 1
  • Wingspan of 13.56 m
  • Length of 18.90 m
  • Height of 5.08 m
  • Wing area 78,04 m
  • Empty weight 19700 kg at normal take-off 29300 kg and maximum take-off 38000 kg
  • Fuel capacity 8200
  • Propulsion 2 Motor TRDDF Pratt Whitney F119-PW-100
  • Static forced flow 2 x 156.0 + kN
  • Maximum speed 2410 km / h Mach 2.25
  • Cruising speed 1963 km / h Mach 1.82
  • Combat range 759 km
  • Practical ceiling 19812 m
  • Hands-on range with drop tanks 2960 km
  • Armament
  • 20 mm Vulcan automatic rotary cannon
  • Air-air missile pumps
  • Medium range missiles AIM-120C AMRAAM

Facts about F22

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  • An F22 Fighter Squadron made its first interception of two Russian Tupolev bombers near U.S. airspace in Alaska on November 22, 2007, the first time these aircraft were required for a North American Aerospace Defense Command mission
  • In view of the imminent threat by North Korea of a possible attack on the South and the carrying out of nuclear tests by that nation, the F22 were sent to South Korea, to appease these threats

By mid-2015, the U.S. Air Force deployed these aircraft to Europe with the mission of countering the threat posed by Russia

  • Joint exercises of F22 with Eurofighters were announced, in order to keep the Russian threats in the old continent at bay
  • The baptism of fire of these planes took place in September 2014, when they dropped bombs on Syria, in combat against the extremists of the Islamic State

The versatility of F22 consisted in the new composite materials used in the body of them, their use significantly reduced the weight in the structure.

This type of materials were subjected to high strength carbon fiber, to avoid overheating, these materials absorb radio waves, contributing to the dispersion of electromagnetic waves, thus minimizing the visibility of the aircraft on enemy radars, making this wonderful machine another American jewel in the world's skies.

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